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Riverside Bank / Poor Financial Management

1 Holly Hill, FL, United States

Since they know I get Direct Deposit at the beginning of the month from the government they will pay a check lets say 76 dollars and then charge me 32.00 overdraft fee thus a total of about 108.00. I tried to work something out to prevent this from happening but all I received was discouragement from trying an idea to prevent this problem.
The banks are getting bailed out by the government but are they facing problems of no money for rent. Should a person with seizures and mentally disabled be on the streets without proper medication? When the first check was no good they should have sent it back. I guess no bank can be trusted to help the handicapped especially the mentally disabled as of this month on December 31st my total fees will be 719.58. Guess I was too kind to my family and friends for Christmas- to stop the ridiculous bank fees maybe I'll just tell the government mail the check to me and I'll put it under my mattress. Riverside would have never let me do what I was doing if I didn't have direct deposit.
Also had problems with Regions and Wachovia over the past year; maybe I ought to take the worst case scenerio and file for chapter 7 bankruptcy as I have about 15, 000 dollars in medical debt due to seizure attacks. How does one pay that without insurance? Should I go rob another bank to pay my bills and face jail time? Society would pay for my shelter and food with your taxes. Banks need to help all disabled including the mentally disabled. By the way I calculated my total fee charge for the month of December will be $719.58 that's money taken from a government check.


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