river bay / bullies

1 Tampa, FL, United States

everything from trying to have wrongfully evicted more than once I have court ordered writen apology letter from river bay to prove such wrong doing did take place they also tried to have my car tow off illegally that the tow service took off be for the police showed up leaving the car they do not keep up with the property as I have been hurt as a result on more than occasion
I have been trasspased from my own home illegally that the court over turned and the police men used to do this unlawful act also got in trouble. they added over 1000 gallons water usage per month over charging me as I got about one year water with out having to pay a water bill because they w as stealing from me they gave me a contract said I could park in the road untill 1:30 then hired someone to watch me and got the police to write a ticket for parking where I was told I could legally park

one scam.after another scam over and over I been to court over some if theses things and have won every time they have even tried to evict two homes at the same time claiming I lived in both of them none of there scams have worked the Piont is don't be bullied buy this big scam artist
I look at them as terrorist as they put hurricane Katrina fema trailers for sale or rent knowing the government has found they contain poison and would not house a human in one yes community bought s
them for a few hundred dollars selector tens of thousands knowing they can make you sick making you sign an agreement not to sue th.if you do get sick who does this yes community does thst is so wrong of them terrorism of Americans from within thsts who hurts Americans like this

May 23, 2015

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