Ritota and Ritota PA / Overcharging for Services

1 3401 S. Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (561) 272-6664

They may specialize in dental emergencies and cosmetic procedures, but the only reason we went there is because they were supposedly a Metlife Preferred Dental Provider. By the terms of that contract, they should have only charged us what Metlife says they are allowed to charge under the PDP fee. They are refusing to return the 281.60 that they owe my daughter. They charged her $350 to extract a tooth and when Metlife said they were only permitted to charge 68.40, they didn't honor that contract with them. When we tried to discuss this with the dentist, he got belligerent and rude - including yelling at me.

Now we are being forced to file a complaint with Metlife and potentially sue this provider just to get them to return the money that is ours. Because they had $350 of my daughter's money in their greedy hands, she was unable to pay her rent the week that she had the tooth extracted and was subsequently evicted from her apartment.

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