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I had ordered a camera on Nov. 26th 2006 online using a credit card. I called a week later to determine why my order had not been processed. Unknown to me there is a required confirmation call on the customers part. Finally the order was processed over the phone. My camera arrives on Dec. 10th 2006. I open the package to discover it is the wrong camera, and a refurbished one at that. Their web site claims to sell only new cameras. I look at the order slip that came with the package and it lists the camera I did order and I was charged in full for that camera. The camera I received was valued at several hundred dollars less than the one I paid for.

I immediately called the company. They said simply to request a RMA. So I did, which took some doing , because I sent it over email a few times and apparently they couldn't read either file. So I finally ran to town and faxed it the next day. I got the RMA approval and sent the package back, which arrived on Dec. 18th at 10 am.

I didn't receive any reinvestment on my credit card. I would check back from time to time and got nothing. I e-mailed with no responses back. I had to file a dispute of charges with the credit card company I used. Finally today 1-31-07 I got through to Rite Buys by phone, and asked about my refund. I gave the customer service agent my order number and he came back with a totally different name than mine. I'm like, "NO." He checks again and comes up with my name. O.K. I'll get right on it -3 business days he says to me. And I had to ask what amount are you crediting my card? He said there is a 15% restocking fee. So it was $102 less than what I paid in total. It was their mistake, I shouldn't have to pay for it. What a CRAPPY company. Their customer service SUCKS. I also filed a complaint with the BBB of NY. I am trying to get every cent back. I have read pages of other complaints on this company, wish I had seen them before deciding to make a purchase from them. If you want a migraine headache, and a pain in the rear, and to be out money and time, go ahead and order from this company; they'll be sure to please you in that respect.

Rite Buys
p.o. box 300425
Brooklyn NY 11230

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  • Di
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    I ordered a GE refrigerator on 3/5/07 thinking I was getting a good deal as RiteBuys was selling it for $949 and my local retail stores like Lowes, etc were selling it for $1200. I read through their shipping policies, etc and when it appeared pretty clear. When I checked out on their online store, there were two delivery options. One was UPS which was $149 and it had a Trucking Delivery option which was also $149. It didn't specify which one to choose so I arbitrarily chose UPS since there was no cost difference and there were no specific instructions on which one to select.

    2 days later I get an email saying I need to call them back to confirm the order. I instantly got a bad feeling. So I call them up, wait on hold for a few minutes then I get a very rude sounding customer service person on the phone and I tell them I was calling to confirm the order. She puts me on hold to look up the order, then gets back on the phone and tries to sell me an extended warranty. I politely declined and asked her if the product was new and not refurbished and she confirmed that it was new. She then tells, me that this is a great camera that I purchased and I will really enjoy it. I corrected her and said that it was a fridge, and she says oh yes - this is a nice fridge. She then tells me that my total is $1250, and I said wait that doesn't sounds right. She goes on to explain that the shipping is $299. I stated to her that my online order said the shipping was $149, and she replies by saying "That's because you picked the wrong shipping method, Budy". At this point I told them to cancel my order, and she rudely mumbled have a nice day and hung up.

    This business is obviously run by class act sleaze balls. This also solidifies in my mind that 9 out of 10 times, it is just better to go to your local retailer to make any type of major purchases like this. The money you think you're going to save just ends up being a headache.

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