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Our AC went out so we called our home warranty, American Home Shield. They contracted with Rite-a-way services. They called us and said they'd be out the next day. The technician had no clue what he was doing and said it was a number of things that were wrong but then changed his mind. He finally said it was the compressor and quoted us a haul-away fee of $898.00!! This was not covered by the home warranty. He also said it would be 2-3 weeks before they could install it! Living in Arizona-this is not an option! He then began to tell me that we should just replace our whole system and that they would give us a great deal if we just worked through them. They wanted $6800 to replace everything. I called my home warranty the following morning and placed a complaint. The paperwork had not been submitted in a timely manner so they could not proceed. Meanwhile, it's 95 degrees in our house and we have a new baby due any day! The warranty company called Rete-a-way and they suddenly came up with the excuse that they had lost the paperwork and the cost was suddenly down to $150! They found a compressor but couldn't come for 3 days. They came and the next technician said the first one had no idea what he was talking about and said it wasn't the compressor. They replaced a few other parts and said it was working. A few hours later, our house is still sitting at 85 degrees and gently climbs up to 95. I called the home warranty and they issued a recall. Didn't hear from Rite-a-way so I called them on Monday. The earliest they can be out is the next day on a job they messed up twice!!! They have no clue what they are doing and I would never recommend them to anyone. They do not show up in a timely manner, the office staff are not friendly to talk with, and their technicians do not know what they are doing! This has been going on for one week now. RITE-A-WAY IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY THAT DOESN'T KNOW THEIR BUSINESS!!!


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      Oct 22, 2009

    This seems odd. I hade a grat experiance . I had another a/c company out they recomended to replace the entire system for $7200. I do not have the money for thisso I called back to american home shield and they sent another company. they wanted to replace the condenser. American home shied did not cover a portion of it $928.00 So i called and wanted Riteaway services to come since they have already fixed my plumbingthe month before. they said it would be an out of pocket service fee since i already had 2 other companies out. i agreed. they came out and found it was only a loose thermostat wire . Thank you riteaway!!!

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