I enrolled with this company for a CFE prep course. I paid R15800, which was to cover the course, manual, exam registration fees, etc. I attended the two week prep modules in September. The aim was to sit for the international exam as early as the 1st week of October while fresh from the course. But I was not registered on time Ansie de Jager from RITA asked for proof of payments stating that she had lost these. I submitted those again and again after that until there was just no reponse/feedback on the progress of registration from her. I reminded her time and time again about the matter and emphasizing the urgency of the matter on my side...
She hasn't respected me enough to let me know exactly what was going on or any explanations for the delays, I thought I was entitled to that as a paying customer... Summary, I placed an order with RITA, submitted all the documents required from me and paid in full too, But I have not been serviced. The time promised for the delivery of this service was four months ago. What do I do?

Jan 11, 2015

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