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Rising Van Lines / rising van ines AKA King Van Lines

1 Sacramento, CA, United States Review updated:



When we originally contacted KVL they were helpful, pleasant, and made many promises. We originally dealt with a woman named Jill, and either she or someone else was available around the clock for our questions, and she sounded very sincere.

When moving day came around KVL arrived in the very late afternoon to begin packing us, as opposed to early morning. We tried calling them many times, but they did not answer their phones. They were therefore unable to complete packing us up in one day, and had to return the next day. KVL packed up our belongings. After a couple hours of packing, it was late at night, and we noticed that an arm on our treadmill was broken. They claimed that they found it that way, and that they did not do it. They also told us that our things were over the weight agreed upon, and therefore our original estimate was null and void. They told us we could either pay them $1, 500 more, or they would take it to a weigh station and charge us for each extra pound, and they assured us it would come out to a lot more than $1, 500. Someone else's belongings were already taking up a small portion of the large truck (that is why they came late – they were packing up another person's things in the morning despite their promise to come to us first) and they were unclear how they would differentiate between our belongings and the other person's. We were exhausted, and agreed under duress.

KVL's protocol is to move people's belongings to their base in California, and then move it to where people are moving - their destination.
When KVL was supposed to move our things from California to Baltimore, they contracted out the job to Eagle Van Lines without our permission or knowledge. We asked them to deliver our belongings on Labor Day so that we would not have to lose a days pay. Labor Day came and went and they never showed up. They did not answer their phones when we called. When we finally did reach them the next day, they said that they would give us 3 days notice before delivering our belongings. They did not apologize for the fact that we waited all day at home, and were never contacted.

When they arrived to deliver our belongings, the following issues occurred:

1. The mover who had our belongings on his truck (Eagle Van Lines) called us in the evening and told us that he would be there by 9 a.m. the next day. At this point neither my husband nor I were able to contact our employees for permission not to be at work the following day. When we explained this to him, and asked him to deliver our things a day later, he said that if we didn't accept our things the following day that he would take them back to Sacramento. He was rude, unapologetic and simply did not care one way or another.

2. The mover/driver from Eagle Van Lines told us to make the bank check of $4, 300 (our outstanding balance) out to Eagle Van Lines. We said that we had a contract with KVL (King Van Lines) (Star Van Lines LLC) and that's how we wanted to make the check out. We were told that if we made the check out to the contract name, we would not get our belongings delivered. He said that if he made the check out to KVL he would not get paid for his part of the delivery. At this point we called KVL and asked what they wanted us to do. We were told to make the check out to Eagle Van Lines. When we asked them to fax us a letter on KVL stationery saying that it was O.K. for us to make the check out to Eagle Van Lines, and that we would no longer have a balance with KVL, they told us to make the check out to KVL and they would speak to the driver. We made the check out to KVL.

3. When the driver (Eagle Van Lines) came to our house the next day, the first thing he asked for was the check. We gave him the check and he told us that he was not delivering our belongings unless we changed the check. He said that KVL had not contacted him, and even if they had he didn't care, he would not accept a check, or deliver our belongings unless the check was made out to Eagle Van Lines. He was very angry, rude, and confrontational the rest of the day. My husband took off an unpaid day from work. After just 2 hours with these awful people, he called me at work, and asked me to come home and assist him. I took off half a day of unpaid leave too.

4. Eagle Van Lines consisted of one self-claimed “professional" mover (a Russian man) who told us that the other 2 ‘movers' with him were 2 Russian students in this country for the summer who needed extra money. KVL contracted out our job to Eagle Van Lines who were not professional movers, and refused to stand behind the promises that were made by KVL. According to the Russian movers (Eagle Van Lines) who brought our things to Baltimore, they were not KVL and were therefore not responsible to fulfill any part of our contract with KVL. We called KVL repeatedly over the course of moving day. They were unavailable for most of our phone calls, and when we did reach them, they claimed there was nothing that they could do.

5. Eagle Van Lines refused to take off/put back on doors from our appliances (fridge, freezer etc.) as well as the doors in the house so that things would fit. The one 'professional' mover at one point said, 'I have good news for me, and bad news for you. Your freezer won't fit down the stairs, and so it is staying right here (in the middle of the living room).' We spent the day trying to deal with rude, nasty, obnoxious movers; as well as taking doors off & putting them back on appliances and rooms. After we removed the freezer doors, and the door going down to the steps it fit downstairs and the movers were furious at having to take it down. They spent much of the day cursing in Russian, and were very unpleasant to deal with.

6. Eagle Van Lines made a large hole in a bedroom wall in our landlord's house when moving in beds. They put a box in front of the hole, and we did not discover it until after the next day. They also badly scratched up the wooden steps to the basement that looked beautiful before they came in.

7. Our boxes were all clearly labeled with the room that the boxes were supposed to be placed in, e.g. living room, master bedroom, bathroom etc.). Despite this Eagle Van Lines brought our boxes in and randomly placed them in rooms, often just dropping the boxes onto the floor. Many boxes came ripped and damaged.

8. In Seattle, KVL assured us that any furniture they disassemble will be reassembled by them at our destination. Eagle Van Lines refused to assemble beds/furniture. Their excuse - 'We are not KVL, and we do not do that!' We tried assembling some of the beds ourselves. When we attempted to assemble the bunk-bed Eagle Van Lines had not brought all of the pieces to Baltimore. The mover from Eagle Van Lines said that it was not his fault. He brought everything given to him by KVL, and it was their fault for not packing us properly. We subsequently discovered there were pieces missing from an expensive clothing rack (rendered unusable because of the missing pieces) as well as from other miscellaneous pieces of furniture. When we called KVL they said that if some things were missing, it wasn't their fault as they had packed everything in the house. We had to buy the pieces that were missing from the bunk bed, and other miscellaneous furniture at our own expense. We had to pay someone to assemble the bunk beds with these new pieces. This all took time, and cost money. Added to this, we did not have enough beds in our house for at least a week. KVL refused to pay us for any of these expenses.

9. Eagle Van Lines did not check off each box as it was brought in. We were so busy disassembling appliance doors, room doors, and assembling beds that we were unable to check off the boxes ourselves. As a result, we could not be sure if we had all of our boxes. Before Eagle Van Lines would leave our house, they bullied us into signing a piece of paper saying that we had in fact received all of our boxes. We were emotionally and physically drained, and we signed it so that they would leave. A week after we moved in, a woman left a message on our cell number saying that she had used KVL for her move to Pennsylvania, and 1 of our boxes had been delivered to her by mistake. We immediately called back and left her a message trying to identify the contents of the box. We both switched to local phone numbers soon after that. Unfortunately, the person never called us back, and to date we have been unable to recover our box. KVL stopped taking our calls, and would not return our calls, and we were unable to address this over the phone. We moved with 369 boxes. Unfortunately, we have not had an opportunity to unpack and as such about 75%-80% of our things are still in boxes. They are stacked all over the tiny house that we are renting, and we are concerned that we may actually be missing more boxes.

10. When unpacking just a few of our things, many of our items were crushed and broken. We have moved cross country before, and have never had so much breakage. We have an expensive dining room set, and one of the chairs came cracked with a piece missing, and it is unusable. I had an expensive clothing rack, pieces of which are missing. They put our beautiful, large, expensive, heavy, solid wood dining room table together, and it has been wobbly ever since.

11. Since KVL was not taking our calls, we sent a letter to them through our credit card company. They sent a nasty, unprofessional, rude letter back, and refused any culpability for any of the above issues.

12. We are frustrated at having paid $11, 500 for a move, and having had to deal with unprofessional movers in Baltimore, as well as what seems like 2 different companies responsible for our things. Since moving day, we have tried to call KVL to no avail. Jill is no longer available and does not return calls, and neither does anyone else in the company. To say that this has been a frustrating experience is to put it mildly. From the time that KVL left our home in Seattle in possession of our belongings, it has been almost impossible to reach anyone in the company.

13. We have dealt with many different movers in numerous cities across America. We have never had to deal with such unprofessional, dishonest, awful movers. It is our goal in the future, to use a moving company with a policy to satisfy any and all reasonable customers. Therefore, WE WOULD NEVER USE KING VAN LINES AGAIN. We hope that no-one ever has to go through what we went through with this company - though reading the reviews on KVL, unfortunately, our story sounds too familiar.

Baltimore, Maryland

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  • Ri
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    Dear Goldy613,

    We are not a part of King Vanlines and in your complaint you only have stated that your items were picked up by king Vanlines and other companies that you have listed above. So how does Rising Van Lines play a part in your move because we do not understand that. We do not even know who you are and it seems like you have just said that Rising Van Lines is a part King Vanlines. Rising Van Lines is a new company with new owners and we are leasing the warehouse from the previous company. So please do not mistaken us!

  • Kv
      12th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    The response from the Rising Van Lines rep above is an blatant lie!!! King Van Lines Stole everything I own on my move from Sattle to South Dakota. Just two days before my delivery was to be made King Van Lines went out of business. I recieved a call from the truck driver saying that he would be here in a day and a half whith my belongings. This was the last time I hear from him. The information that I received from the US Department of Transportation was that King Van Lines, who were not even the company that I hired in the first place, basically bought the job from the original company I hired (Authorized Movers) . King Van Lines which was owned by a husband and wife with the comany in only one of their names went out of business, stole everything from all of their costomers at that time and reopened in the other spouses name as Rising Vanlines. They say that they have nothing to do with King Van Lines, This is hugely BS!!! They even have the exact same website as KVL only with the name changed. I am now in the process of filing a police report with the Sacramento PD and plan to sue Rising Van Lines for everything they have. Do not use these dishonest A-holes they will make you regret it.

  • Ja
      23rd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes
    Rising Van Lines - Job
    Rising Van LINES
    United States

    The company moved me from OR to SACRAMENTO, Originally they were great and gave me great prices. However they were late two HOURS at the delivery. I was not really satisfy with that.

  • Ro
      28th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Ever try Mayflower. You should have did that and they would have charged you less. The old saying, "Stupid People Suffer" should stick with you. Maybe next time, call the police, stop payment on the check, and use a real moving company.

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