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My son and I purchased some websites at an investment seminar run by a company called on April 5, 2008. We purchased a package for $10, 000 on our credit cards.

We were supposed to get a total of 170 websites up and running within 6 months. Sean Roach, the owner promised us in person that we would have the first 50 websites up and running on the fourth day after purchase. But there was a clause in the agreement that gave us 3 days to cancel.

I told him that we had no time to work on these websites and he guaranteed us that there would be nothing for us to do, that the websites would generate thoudsands of dollars of monthly advertising income every month and there was nothing that we had to do. So we thought we made a good investment for our future.

By the fourth day we found out that we had a lot of work to do. We tried for two months to get 30 of these websites up and running but we were never successful in achieving any results. We finally realized that this company was a big fraud and cancelled our agreement.

I even had to purchase 30 domain names for an additional $300 adding more insult to injury.

We have been in dispute with our credit card companies since June of this year and they are now telling us that there is nothing further they can do to help us and are putting these charges back on our accounts.

Then in October, my son and I both got billed another $98.50 for membership fees. This was another total fraud after we had cancelled in June, they had a lot of nerve to continue to charge our accounts.

Please let me know how many others have filed a complaint and what you can do to help us eliminate these charges on our credit card so we can finally reestablish our good credit rating.

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  • Pe
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    It is not just in USA that Rip2it is ripping off people. They sold us a package in 2008 at an internet conference in Sydney Australia, promising that all the work was done for you and you couldn't help but make money. Unfortunately the promises were not matched by customer assistance because we found the system incredibly complicated to use and when we were unable to load even the website launching softwear no one could tell us why. As we were not able to load a single website we asked for our money back and after a long corrospondence trail were told that we were not eligible for anything as the agreement was written under Nevada USA law- hence ineligible to seek compensation under Australia fair trading law. I even recieved a threatening email from MR LOVELL where he said I would be sued if I made further complaints in public forums.
    Unfortunate that a customer service business has no understanding of customer service!

  • Pa
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    Mr. Lovell here...

    1. When the credit card company agrees with you 5 times (yes, the first person filed 5 claims against us with the credit card company) and our company wins the dispute 5 times, what does that tell you? It tells you that the person is filing outrageous claims and the credit card company agrees.

    2. We have a refund policy and that policy is very clear when buying our software, we have to stick to it and we do. No exceptions. Our company sells software with a refund policy which is above and beyond what even Microsoft and Apple do.. they don't allow any refunds after the product is used. We do.

    3. Sean didn't promise anything about 50 websites in 4 days, that is a false statement.

    4. The mother and son in the first post also didn't state that we offered countless hours of one on one support for her and her son, we went above and beyond what we offer.

    5. Big Fraud, that's a quite a statement, I'd love to know why, because we wouldn't refund outside the refund period? Sorry, but we cannot do that.

    6. Pete... threatening email? Now, let's be serious here.

    I am sorry that we've made the above customers angry enough to post things like this, Personally, I don't like to see these kinds of posts and will go above and beyond what it takes to make a customer happy. I know both of these customers personally and have offered everything under the kitchen sink to make things work out for them. The first took us up on the help and we were able to get things working. As for Pete, he never did except our extra help.

    For the record, I've never threatened to sue anyone...

    Pat Lovell

    Customer Service -

  • Do
      9th of May, 2009
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    Yep, I went to one of these seminars and Sean Roach and Rip2it are a scam. Spending the last couple of years building websites, it's impossible to earn (in 2009) the adsense figures he was quoting without a whole heap of work. In 2005.. yes... Not in 2009 - Adsense has changed along with the internet. NO ONE SIGN UP to RIP2IT.

    You can buy a $67 ebook on clickbank that shows you a much better way to do the same thing such as BANS (Build a Niche Website) or Affilioblueprint.


    And just so you know, the only way to make money through the internet is with hard work and the right systems. Rip2It is 2005. (I'm talkin dinosaur years)

    Cheers :)

    Rip2It Seminar Attendee

  • He
      27th of Sep, 2009
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    In my opinion Pat isn't at all an honest guy and is completely void of even an ounce of integrity in my opinion.
    I used to sell the back end (one on one coaching)for Rip2it out of Boise, Idaho.
    Because the system was so EXTREMELY difficult, ridiculously confounding AND full of technical glitches, with no customer support, the turn over was great with the Rip2it leads. In other words, if the leads we got still had money, they would sign up for coaching. The people were so deeply twisted and confused by the extremely difficult software and the many, many, many glitches it had, combined with ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT(I don't care what Pat says. There was NO customer support other than a ticket system which they rarely if ever, responded to) people were extremely eager to dish out even more money to get the coaching to try to understand it, get heir business up and running and recover their original investment!
    Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there wasn't even ONE success story from all of the coaching programs we sold for Rip2it!!!
    Even the coaches couldn't understand the fricken system or software out! These were very advanced internet marketing coaches with years of experience who were running their own successful internet marketing businesses! And according to every single person we spoke with, it WAS extremely blatantly misrepresented and WAY, WAY over priced. Especially with the way they INSISTED the hosting be through Rip2it ONLY!
    There were so very many sad stories of how people were depressed and been taken for large amounts of money and these people tried and tried and tried to get help but, never got any response. The few who did get a response, it was so damned confusing, so incomplete and so brief they were even more frustrated than even before when they couldn't get a response from support!!!
    The coaching company i worked for was so frustrated with the ridiculously massive amount of negative responses that they were getting, that they eventually opted out of the agreement with the rip2it system.
    I overheard a phone call made to Pat from one of the coaching companies executives and he specifically ASKED Pat to please add some kind of customer service and even suggested he hire some young girls at minimum wage just to answer the phones and Pat was on speaker phone and he replied that they didn't have the finances to support that!!!
    We were all stunned he had the cocky balls to say that, with how much they were charging and especially since Pat KNEW about the OVERWHELMING amount of complaints!
    There was a terribly sad story of a lady who had continued to spend her very last dime through their continuity program which actually made one of the top salesmen cry for her and her situation. She stated that they had never responded to even ONE of her tickets and she had been with them for nearly a year! And yet this poor thing STILL believed in the system she said because of Seans' integrity. The salesman complained to the executive team and said that he would no longer call any more Rip2it leads. The next day he called her and got her address and he sent the lady $100.00.
    This was when the company finally decided to drop the account with Rip2it.
    In my opinion, Pat is slick, slimy and dirty and I believe what people say about him being litigious and making threatening statements about suing someone, which is why he wants everyone who complains about him or his ### business practices to post their full name... so he can threaten them!
    Pat, if your parents(if you still have them) or your wife(if you're married) or your adult children (if you have any) or your friends (if you have any) know what you did/have done to so very many peoples lives, in this country and around the world and they still support and stand behind you, then they too are disgusting and filthy human beings with ugly souls, in my opinion.
    What you did to so many, for your own gain is a part and parcel of what the corrupt corporate executives, politicians and bankers have done to this great country and I hold you partially responsible for the colossal financial mess the world is in right now.
    Simply put, GREED! SELFISH GREED! Like Geaorge Harrison said in one of his greatest songs, you epitomize this statement in my opinion: "All thorugh the day, I Me Mine, I Me Mine, I Me Mine!"
    It's all about Pat and at any and all expense.
    I hope and pray that you change your ways and get a conscience and have some scruples
    He will probably ignore this thread because it is so old and because he can't dispute the accuracy and facts but, if he does respond to this post of mine, he will claim that I am just making up the story and that I am really just a disgruntled customer of Rip2its' or a disgruntled employee of the coaching companies. Sorry big P, I moved on but still am in contact with many of them. I can even drop more names that will ring bells to prove it. Want me to name the coaching company and contacts there? I will to prove it. The only reason I'm not right now is because I don't want to associate their good name with the ugly and tarnished name of Pat Lovell.
    What ever he’s doing/offering now, unless he’s changed and has found God, like the post above said, DON’T do it!

  • St
      5th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I must be in the minority here. I have found Rip2it and Jon and Pat in particular to be very helpful.
    I am happy with the service i have recieved and make money from my sites.
    I have been with Rip2it since adsense real estate and i would say that i have had more than my moneys worth.

    Steve Sell

  • Ju
      13th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree. Nathan anderson and sean roach are complete crooks. I had a longf running dispute with the company and they just ignored me. They sold this at a seminar and gave a 3 day refund clause - many people hadn't even got home from the seminar.

    My personal opinion is stay away from anything to do with sean roach and nathan anderson

  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    WOW, all I can say is by the sounds these guys made quite a killing selling this over the period of time... Whatever they are doing to sell this must be working for them anyways

  • Dr
      20th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    All of these arguments sound very one sided. It is easy to want to believe that these guys ripped these people off. We are all a bit jealous of these mega successful people. But one thing is for sure, I have don't believe any of then swear to any of the claims. They are not stupid! they aren't going to open themselves up to lawsuits. They always have disclaimers that say that the results they are claiming can not be promised. Anyone that is looking for a quick fix and to not work for success is stupid! Wake up people.

  • Gi
      1st of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Sean makes it sounds so easy to use the software but in reality it's not. And to add, after you build your website, you need good leads/traffic to your website otherwise it would be useless to build the website and this can't be achieved by using the program. I purchased the package based on Sean's presentation in Sydney that they're going to create 3 niche sites of my own choices but they only created 1 site. When I tried to clarify this with other members on their Forum, Pat (I think it's him) deleted my posts. I don't think Sean and Pat are running an honest business. They have 3 days money back guarantee, but for what purpose? It took them more than 3 days from the purchase to create the niche site that they promised. I don't hold any grudge against them but I just want warn people not to believe all what they say easily. Paying $3000-10000 does not worth it.

  • Sa
      14th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- 800-982-0221 Ext 401 --- email: or

  • Wu
      3rd of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi all, I also bought one of Sean Roach's products at a seminar in Sydney in November 2011. Went home and tested it but found it had some mistakes in the simple stuff/website, then wonder what about the more complicated ones? Checked some reviews, found some bad reviews by disappointed customers and returned product.
    Still waiting for refund... 6 weeks now, still no sign. Anyone has experience in getting refund from seminar people? Does it usually take this long? Going to dispute this transaction!
    EVERYONE - don't buy anything that sounds too good to be true! I was sucked in by Sean's promo, eg endorsement by Obama etc. Should have checked him out before going to seminar... Beware! They pressure you to buy at seminars, to get their special price, etc. especially use trick of pay the whole amount, to save money!

  • Sa
      14th of Jun, 2016
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    This guy Sean Roach came to Australia to sell his 'amazing software' called Rapid Funk. I paid about $1500 for the software to find that it had bugs and host of other issues that affected usability. A few months later the software no longer worked and the company website was taken down. I contacted the administrator and received no response. Bottomline, this guy is a con artist and if things sound to good to be true 99% of the time it is. Lesson learnt.

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