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Rio Arriba County Housing Authority / Discrimination and unsafe living in housing authority units!

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Complaint of Rio Arriba County Housing Authority sent, no response so far!

I mailed off by Priority Mail and Delivery Confirmation, a major formal complaint against the above Housing Authority Located in New Mexico. I even spoke to Floyd Duran Director of the HUD office in Albuquerque New Mexico,and he too shoved the buck. Therefore, I sent the complaint to US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 7th Street S.W. Washington DC 20410. On Nov 13rd Delivery Confirmation number by Priority is : [protected].
It arrived Nov 16,2006 at the above address. But so far I have not heard a thing.

I called [protected] Dec 11,2006. Left voice mail message for Secretary Kim Kinck, and she did not return my call,even though I stressed the urgencies,it seemed it doesn't matter. For it is all long distance for us,and right now we are months behind in rent, due to the fact I have cancer and I have to travel 140 miles each way to Albuquerque,let alone the medications my husband and I are on. With the staggering prices of gas,and propane. Now the program HELP has helped out with $115 to the Rio Arriba Housing, they paid them that.

We have just been handed an eviction notice. We are both Handicapped and very ill. President Bush has put into place that you can not set Handicapped people out on the street. In fact I have read in the HUD regulations, that once a complaint has been filed which it has on Nov 13rd,to the above address. That no rent has to be paid unless the wrongs have been corrected,and the complaint has been addressed and corrected. So far the Director Cy Martinez of Rio Arriba Housing has done nothing about these complaints,which were passed to him by the Hud Director in Albuquerque,which is the main office here in New Mexico.

I hope you can help us. Please, someone respond by posting a rebuttal / consumer comment!

Alissa & Larry

Please I beg of you please help us with your advise,and what you can find out regarding our complaint. You have the tracking number, which maybe you can locate our complaint,and see if it is even being worked on.

For here in NM it is all shove the buck.

I emailed long lists of complaints regarding this housing unit,and it is a fire trap,for all the screens are bolted from the outside. Let alone a well that has a rusted cover,and mud that collects with inches of rain,and develops mold. The heating ducts have never been cleaned out. Glass shards everywhere,and the maintenance man Tony, jumping over the fence and pulling up all my plants,and morning glories,and then when my husband said something that he was not allowed to jump the fence, threw all my plants in the driveway. Till I called the Director of Rio Arriba Housing,and he had his maintenance man remove them, but in the mean time, all the time,and money to make this house and yard pretty,has been destroyed. Plus the nerve to want to charge us $50.00 to have my plants taken out of my front yard. I sent Mr. Martinez Doctors Notes, that both my husband and I are Handicapped,and what we get is pay up or get out. Which is just impossible with two little children who are 5 and 7.

The Housing Authority : Rio Arriba County Housing Authority
PO BOX 310
Espanola, New Mexico [protected]

PHONE NUMBER: [protected]

Plus the fact Mr. Martinez,and Tony have come to our gate,and rang the door bell,and he was very upset I had contacted Mr. Floyd Duran from HUD. Let stand he says that no one should possess anything. Yet it is all right for Carmen the next door lady to own a model home in El Rito NM,and never lives in her house but her adult kids,who should find jobs. The other next door lady who Parties till all hours of the night, throws rubbers used ones that is,so my little kids could have gotten into them. Plus her teenage son who is supposed to go to Special Ed at Mesa Vista Schools in Ojo Caliente, cusses out the driver who is to pick him up,and 9 out of 10 times doesn't even go to school, but has hurt my children. Cussing them out,and poking my little boy almost in the eye,and we have it on Video. Plus making Sexual remarks to my 7 year old daughter. Even when I was sitting out side, he called me that big fat whore,and that he has family who are police officers,and they would come and hurt us.... Or a lady across the street that has 20 +++ cats,so she can afford cat food and etc. Or a known Drug Dealer living on this street,and his kids throw rocks at the housing sign, (proof of that too ). Derin who is the son of the drug dealer,who has beer cans in his yard,and it is a mess. No they pick on us,and we find our own business. What Mr. Martinez says is get along with these people. Who ### that I have a rubber inflatable pool which I brought here from California,which has a pump,and chlorine,which I had to get a note from my Respitory Therapist, in order to keep.

Then the housing ### about my old motorhome,while Carmen next door has a Truck that has been parked in the back yard for years,and Mr. Martinez told me over a year ago it would be towed,but till this day it is still here. So discrimination galore here. Let stand that the windows are so full of calcium deposit,and most of which you can not open due to the fact that these houses were built in the 70's and no parts can be found to fix them. Showers and toilets that are not energy conserving since our land lord threatened to put water meters in,and charge the residents here in this housing,plus remove all out door faucets. I got proof of that too. Let alone the calcium deposits due to the well water, that clog appliances,taps and showers,and build up in the drain. Mercury,lead,radon and Uranium are major problems here in New Mexico.

It almost feels like Hitlers Gestapo is ruling here. One can't even hold a yard sale.

What I would like to have done is that formal complaint that I sent by Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation be found,and that that complaint goes in from the date it arrived which is Nov 16,2006. Since neither Mr. Martinez or the Hud Office here in ABQ. Takes this complaint seriously or does anything at all about it. I feel that HUD in Washington DC should address these issues then. For this is a Federal agency formed by our government.

Please advise us as soon as possible,for the letter of eviction was received yesterday Dec 18,2006, and it only gives us TWO WEEKS to clear this situation up. I sent the complaint in plenty of time, my god Nov 13. Now it is Dec 19,2006,and not a response or call by Vicky Kinck has been received by us. I think is is about time,and I hope you can help us there in Washington DC. I went straight to the top I thought. For we as disabled and handicapped people do have human and civil rights.I called Washington DC again today and asked to speak to Secretary Kim Kinck, and they shoved me off to Investigator Miss Anita Robbinson so again I left another voice message. Long distance phone call. I received an email response to this letter I am sending you now from Cheryl A. Hanes her phone number is: [protected] EX; 103, she too shoved the buck,and sent the whole complaint back to HUD ABQ, New Mexico office. Which that Director Floyd Duran, emailed us and he shoved the buck. Saying in so many words, that New Mexico Housing Authority and Hud I guess can do whatever they want... They do not stand up to the USA Federal regulations ????I don't believe this to be true. So,today I have also filed a complaint online with Hud. That two disabled people have to go thru such trauma, while I am going to be operated on finally Jan 16th,2006. Is beyond words... Thank you. Alissa & Larry Mead

Thank you.
Alissa and Larry Mead

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      15th of Sep, 2010
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    In addition to mold a certified contractor stated that all the houses he inspected also were contaminated with asbestos. HUD needs to stop screwing arrounfd with childrens lives!!!

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