Rilstatdon't waste your time

Each day enthusiasts think of making more and more ways of using the cryptocurrencies and ways of earning money from it. Most of them don't care about the others and just look for ways to get as much money as possible and then run far away.
Rilstat is one of the companies that looked for new ways of earning so they decided to bring together blockchain and real estate. They are surely not the first ones, I don't know if they have any idea about it.
So this fund is the new generation Real Estate Investment Fund. What does new generation mean in this case? Are there old generation funds in the world? What's the difference then?
Their Pre-ICO hasn't been finished yet, but who knows what may happen next?
If you decided to invest, I recommend you to look at their team, at photos of them to be exact. You comfortable with this? Is there enough information to get a full picture? Do you think it's ok that Frédéric Lair forgot to bring a photo of him and they decided to launch the project without it?
Is it ok that the half of this page is full of a crap? Is it ok that there're no contacts of them?
Do you think these things are not that important and are definitely not a reason to say NO to them? Well, you are so wrong then.
Fell sorry for your money...

Dec 05, 2018

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