Ridgecrest Dental / Did not deliver dentures

Writer had her teeth pulled in Feb. 2012, was then fitted for dentures. Ridgecrest Dental Dr. Darren Mascia sent the dentures to the lab several times and had the teeth remade three times and they were never correct always the same problem the bite. I was sick July through Sept. but called Dr. Mascia twice to let him know the teeth did not fit he never returned my calls. I missed several appointments due to migraines, was told by staff not to come in if i had a migraines due to drilling and pulling of teeth.

After having the dentures remade three times and still not fitting I asked for a refund per a phone conversation with Dr. Mascia on 10/18/12 Dr. Mascia agreed to a full refund as long as I signed a document agreeing not to sue, I agreed.

Later on 10/18/12 I got a Email from Dr, Mascia saying he had thought about it there would be NO full refund he would refund $1478.40 cents when my dentures cost $2638, 16 Mascia wants me to pay for lab cost he incurred while trying to get my dentures right, I do not believe this is fair. He has offered to correct the problem but after he lied to me I do not trust him, he is trying to bully me in to getting them fixed by him by keeping my money. Our contract was that I was to receive one lower and one upper denture I did NOT receive them.


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