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Ridgecrest Consulting/Dropshipping home business / Billing

1 UT, United States

I originally signed up for to set up a home business. It cost something like $250 and after trying it for a week I made no money so I called and asked for a refund. They had no problems with that.
Two days after I signed up for Tafiti builder I received a call from Ridgecrest consulting who stated that everyone who works their program makes money on their work from home opportunity. They quoated some making $50, 000 a month! I was estatic! The man that I talked to said that he had to talk to his boss about a price. I checked them out on the bbb and it was on their website and had no bad reviews. They told me about a website that their highest earner made, so I checked that out and felt that I could do it too.
The next day he called me back and told me it was going to cost me $4000. I told him that I did not have that kind of money and was about to hit the hang up button when he said "but we are willing to finance you all but $1000". He went on to explain that I would no doubt make money as long as I worked hard to do it and told me that I would not need to invest any other money into this to be able to see a return shortly. I agreed. He then stated that he had to tell me that he could not guarantee that I would make a certain amount of money because everyone is different. I still agreed to the program. A refund would be granted as long as you asked for it within 2 days of signing up. This was all a verbal agreement. I paid the $1000 off of a debit card that I had. This was a one time payment! I did not authorize any other charges to this card.
I could not access my online training for the first day because I had to wait for a trainer to call me and tell me how to do it and give me a user name and password. The minute that I got that information I went to work training. I listened to half of the lessons the first day. I took a lot of notes and was really into it. I even got a few things posted on Ebay for sale that I had at my house. I think I worked a total of 10 hrs. that day. The next day I worked on the lessons for about 6 hrs. I learned about dropshipping and it sounded like a great way to make money! I then learned that in order to be able to work with any dropshippers I would need a tax id number. The lessons did not go into great detail on how to obtain a tax id number but did recommend that I call a company that could do all of the paper work for me. So I called my trainer to get more details on how to get a tax id number myself. He didn't have any information about it at all! He said that I should work with a company to do that for me. The very next day I called the company recommended and they set me up to receive the paperwork that I needed to fill out and I would get them within 10 days. In the meantime I continued my lessons and sold more junk on ebay to get my "trustworthiness" (their words) up. It was almost a month later that the company that I was trying to get the tax number from called me wanting me to give them a credit card number to make a payment (I don't remember the amount). I proceeded to tell them that I was not going to do it because I was still waiting for their papers to come in the mail!
So since I was told that I would not have to invest any other money in order to see a return with the Ridgecrest consulting program I feel that our verbal agreement was broken. I was being ignored by my trainer and not receiving any help on what I should do. I actually lost money selling on ebay because my junk cost more to ship than what I made. They also recommended that I buy small things on ebay that only cost less than $1 because if you have so many transactions on your ebay account you get a gold star and more people will be willing to buy from you. I did buy 4 products on ebay for $1 and got ripped off on all of them (I was never sent the product but was charged) so I lost money there too. By this time I was done. I not only was out the $1000 but was also out about $40 for trying to buy and sell on ebay (which by the way was the whole program).
I also feel that our verbal contract was broken because a few months later I happened to be online looking at the debit card account that I had paid them the $1000 with and realized that they had been charging that card over $100/month! I never, ever, ever told them that they could charge a monthly bill to that card! I also was never sent any paperwork as promised showing the amount of the financing or the terms of the financing.
So to anyone who thinks that "this work from home thing sounds easy" just remember that they are ALL A SCAM! You just might not have enough information to realize it yet. I now am being called by creditors and have ruined my credit (which was at 800 before this is now less that 700). I will end up paying them $4000 more or filing a small claim against the company depending on what they say when I call them.

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