Rickenbacker Group Smart Collect / Fraudulent company

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-800-7939

The smart collect collection agency promised us it would collect our unpaid rent from up to 4 renter, for a flat price of $119.00. We paid the fee and submitted information about 3 tenants. We did not have their current address, but on some we had family members address, or last known address, but on all we had drivers license #'s, and social security numbers. Well Smart collect would send out a letter to the addresses stating that we owed them money, or try to call them one or two times. I would call to follow up every few months and that would start them trying again for a few weeks and then they would stop. When I called them a year later and asked the addresses to certain tenants they gave me my property address on one of them (the one that the tenant lived in over 2 years ago), and an address that I gave them for another one (which I did not know if that was the correct address or not). A few of them they had different addresses, but were not 100% sure that it was their address (I told them I gave them DL #, and SS #'s, and you still can't find them). The thing that really made me mad is that they charged my credit card for another year without our consent (I guess it is in their fine print that you have to notify them 60 days before your year end date or they will continue). They agreed to let us cancel but still charged us for one month. When I asked them what they had done the past month they hadn't done anything. So Overall I paid $119.00 for them to send a few letters to addresses that probably were not correct, and make a few phone calls. No results, they did report them to the 3 credit agencies, but I never even got 1 penny back, or any for sure information where they were living now so I could take them to court for our money! Complete waste of time and money!!! Horrible Company!


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