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Rick Hendrick Chevrolet / Sell used trucks as new!

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I bought a new Chevy Colorado LS extended cab back in December 2005. After having it for 3 weeks and finally had time to look at the truck or to use the truck I could not get the tail gate to open. I called the dealership and they said to bring it in and I also told them my key punch outs were missing and my portfolio were also missing, and I still don't have my other key. I took the truck in and we play with the tail gate and inserted the new key and it opened and I thought it was fix. I try the tail gate later when I got home and it would not opened. I drove it to work and when I put on the brakes it started to shake more than usual. I called again and made an appointment with services and Kevin Reed said they would give me a rental on them, and I bought the extended warranty that covers my truck anyway. They had my truck for 3 days and replaced my passenger front rim and a control arm. There was a note on the paper work that said do not give paper work to owner. I asked the guy why and he did not know, and I asked can I see it anyway. I look at the paper work to see what they have done. The sales manager Kevin Reed said they would mail me the paper work and I still have not received them. After having the truck back in my possession I inspected the truck more and notice the truck had more damage. The underneath was scratched and dented in 2 places, and my fender was misaglin and the bolts was missing paint and were rusty. The back door on the drivers side bolt was coming out and my tail gate still wont open and my back bumper had a scuff mark on it. I was mad that I bought a used truck as new. Kevin Reed said the truck was sold before the guy had it for a week and his finance fell through and they got the truck back. When I bought the truck they never mention this was a repo. They took pictures and they could not believe all this damage. They said they would replace my truck with a new one. I waited for a week and called them and they said they was having a hard time finding one like my. After another week or two I still had to call and they had no luck and offer me a Colorado with a different package (Z71). I at first told them I would come down and look at them, but I really like the truck I had (Sport lower). I finally just wanted this over with and they said to come in and pick out a truck, a Colorado or a Silverado if you don't like the Colorados they had. I went there and John Stage picked out the truck and I agree with it a Colorado Z71 crew cab. When we started doing the paper work they were trading in my truck and not giving me anything back what I paid down on. They were charging me full MSRP for the truck minus $2000, so I said I'm sick of this and said no. The sales manager came over and said that was the deal, I got a little loud and said I would try and get the military to ban the dealership from selling to us and John Stage got mad and said he worked Military Intelligence for 9 years and wanted my Chiefs number. I laugh at him and said so. Kevin Reed asked me to leave and he was holding back John and he asked me again, so I look at my 6 year old son and asked him if he had everything. We left and came home and called the BBB on GM and on the dealership. They called my Wing Commander and said I was screaming and cussing at them and which I don't even cuss. I talked to my commander and explain to them what happen and what I have been going through and said I getting a lawyer and had contacted the BBB and I will try to sue them for slander and trying to harm my military career. He said to keep him inform and don't go there with out somebody with you. I called a number my Commander gave me from Rick Hendricks Mr. Wattenly and he was no help at all. General Motors called me and said they said I wanted a Silverado instead. I have never said that or even want one. How can they sell used trucks as new? I also contacted the BBB out of Columbia SC, and they said it was out of there control and gave me your address.


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      12th of Sep, 2009
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    It seems that this is common practice at the Rick Hendricks dealerships. Dec 08 we purchased a Suburban that was sold as new! Millions of promises broken, calls made to everyone and everywhere. Finally we were able to sit down and work out a deal, they were to refund $2700 and install the wheels we ordered. The day we went to finalize everything we were told by the Sales Manager that he had nothing for us and that he never made any promises, and this is the end of it! We are so fed up with all this, but I truly believe that what goes around comes around. . . . I do not know if Mr Hendricks himself is aware of these practices, we tried to contact him but were always transfered to someone else who "promised" blah blah blah...

  • Rt
      19th of Aug, 2010
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    Wow, same deal here. Bought a 2009 Jeep Patriot that was supposed to be new. I put it in the shop 2 months after having it b/c I got side swiped and wanted to get the scratches repaired only to find out the car had been wrecked! The reinforcement was bent all the way back to the compressor unit. Contacted the dealership and the service department confirmed that the car had been wrecked and directed me to the general manager Tracy! What a jerk, he basically told me that they have no record of the car being wrecked and that I was to blame and they were not going to do anything about it. Well we see as I have prepaid legal services and right now they are dealing with my attorney!

  • Ke
      26th of Feb, 2013
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    I am very disappointed with the way my wife and I have been treated at your Volvo Dealership in Charleston, SC. In March of 2012 we had purchased a 2009 Volvo C60 SE; this is the very first Volvo that my wife and I had ever owned and we really thought we were getting a great vehicle! We purchased the vehicle with 73 thousand miles; even though I was very skeptical about buying a car with this many miles, your staff assured me that for $17000+.00 I would not be sorry to buy this car, and that these vehicles hold their value! So I put $6000.00 down and we were approved to take this car home. Now understand, we have followed the Volvo maintenance manual to a tee, routine oil changes, maintenance follow ups, (3 times we had the car in for the engine light being on before they finally fixed it) nevertheless, the car is still in immaculate condition, it now has 93000 miles. So this past Friday, Feb 23rd, 2013 we stopped at Charleston, SC Volvo to look at purchasing not a used, but a new Volvo CX60. As expected, the General Manager and the Salesman were on top of their game when they assured us my car was worth more than the pay off amount of $11000. We were very excited to trade our 2009 in and purchase the new CX60, because the day was late, we asked them to put the numbers together and let us know where we are? Approximately 35 to 40 minutes later the salesman called us and said he can get us in the CX60 at the payment we need to be ($400.00 per month or less) with $2500 down along with the equity we have in our car. Again we were excited to do the deal, and then it all changed on Monday 2/25/13.
    The salesman came to my wife’s place of work, picked up the car, took it back to the dealership for an “appraisal”. The salesman then called my wife and told her that the car we purchased less than 12 months ago, with $6000.00 cash down payment was only worth $8000. So the $400.00 per month or less has now risen to over $559.00 per month, and the $2500.00 they indicated we would need to put down just turned into, yes you guessed it, $6000.00. That’s not all, the salesman kept insisting that we had taken our car to North Carolina and had it appraised for $6000!!! Like he was giving us a better deal!!! This car has never been to North Carolina for the 11 months we have owned it! So now we are stuck with a car that the warranty is about to run out on and we are told it’s only worth $8000. My wife and I feel like we have been taken advantage, betrayed, raped would be a better explanation of the feeling we have.
    I understand that vehicles lose equity over time, but the loss we have encountered, the way we have been deceived and lied to is just unacceptable…

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