Richmond Menthol Superkings / Richmond menthol superkings

1 Luton, England, Bedfordshire, GB

Dear sir/madam

I purchased a packet of 20 Richmond menthol super kings today at my local Co op although when I opened and had my first cigarette from the packet it didn't taste right but assumed it was due to something I had eaten layer I had another one and exactly the same so my father in law whom I was with tried one and agreed with me that they definately were not menthol and just regular cigarettes.
What do you advise I do can I get them exchanged where I purchased them or does that go through yourselves?
Thank you for your time and in advance your help
Kindest regards
Jane wilson
14 Brimfield close
Lu2 8tu

Richmond Menthol Superkings

Mar 21, 2017

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