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This DR. office charged me over $5400.00 for treatment not completed because it was causing injury and Dr. Lawicki said, "No pain, NO gain." I asked him if he took the hippocratic oath to do no harm. He said he did, yet despite the fact that the contract for treatment included a free re-evaluation midway through, he never did it, and kept treating me, causing injury to three fused vertebra in my neck, injury to my left shoulder, and severe injury to my right knee because he just kept adding weight to the bottom of the machine and stretching my vertebra for a problem that I did not have. I had a pinched sciatic nerve that was fine after two treatments and I kept asking him to stop. He just wanted to keep the money and did. I stopped going due to the severe pain after 13 treatments. I told the loan company and they said that he would have to give me a refund. He would not even return a phone call. He is not listed on any licensed chiropractor or MD list in this state. BE careful of this one!

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      Nov 30, 2009

    I read this months before I decided to see the Richmond Disc Center. I was very apprehensive about going but my pain was so intense I decided to do the free consultation. I was unable to play with my children and was living on pain narcotics!
    After speaking with the doctor, I had a MRI done by his request at a MRI center in Richmond. When I returned to see the Doctor he reveiwed the findings with me and gave me my options. I had to decided between back surgery or trying the treatment. I decided that surgery was not for me since my friends had it and they are worse now then before the surgery! I did the DRX treatments and was amazed by the improvement I made.
    The Doctor and his staff were very attentive and listened to me everyday. It took all the visits as they told me and by the end of my treatments my sciatica and back pain were almost gone. I have had low back pain for almost twenty years! My pain was a constant 8 out of ten now it is only 2 out of ten on the bad days. What is great is that I even have great days. They were non existant before my treatments!

    Thank you Richmond Disc Center.

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      Mar 15, 2010

    If you had health insurance, I am glad you are doing better. As for me, the pressure that was applied caused a hole in my right knee joint, a year ago, and separated a disc fusion in my neck. They were aware of these conditions at the time of treatment. In addition, they got approval for $7000, and then, I only went 10 times, because the problem was gone at the end of the second treatment and the treatments had become extremely painful with more weight added and no evaluation in the middle per the contract. Since I went bankrupt in April of 2009, they were included in the Bankruptcy, because there was no reply to me from Dr. Lawicki. Instead of filing a claim with the Bankruptcy Court, they simply put a "Charge off" on my credit record, which is illegal if the account could have been claimed in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and they were notified by my attorney. So, I am glad itworked out for you, but as for me, I still am being hurt by Dr. Lawiki's neglect and charge for services not rendered.

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      Jan 19, 2011

    When I went to the Richmond Disc center I was 36 years old and ready to retire on disability. I could not walk thru the grocery store without having to abrubtly stop because of the excrutiating pain. I could not bend down or put my daughter in a car seat. I could not care for my 1 year old daughter; it brought tears to my eyes to even pick her up from the pain, I could not work, I really could not live. My body was visably twisted and contorted from 2 herniated disc, disc degeneration and scoliosis and spasms. Dr. Lewicki did a thorough evaluation including an MRI and recommended treatment. I went through 6 weeks of time on the machine and then weekly adjustments and continually saw improvement. Dr. Lewicki was always sensitive to my needs and monitored my progression completely. That has been 4 years ago and today I am a new person and I can truly say that Dr. Lewicki gave me my life back. Thank you Doc! Sheila P.

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