Richland Medical Center, Inc / false advertisment

1 304 West Washington Street, Richland, MO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 573-765-5131

I challenge ANYONE to introduce me to a doctor who doesn't care more about his money than his patients. My daughter has pinworms. I've tried the stuff from Walgreens and about 15 other things from natural garlic to over-the-counter herbs to try and get rid of them. NO luck. And so I thought, ok, I'll get a prescription from a doctor. Now mind you this is pinworms, not cancer. I started with a sample at the health department, because we are currently without health insurance. No, they can't diagnose. (I don't need their diagnosis, I already know what a pinworm is, thank you very much. It's not rocket science.) I took a sample of the worms to her pediatricians office. I don't think she has actually ever seen her pediatrician, it's always a nurse. No, they have to see her. Why? No one knows. So I tried the supposedly FREE Walk-in Clinic at Richland, Missouri. Do you know what they wanted so they could tell me she had pinworms? $125 office fee, and that's just for starters. When I asked why my daughter had to be present when I already had the sample, I was told "So they can be sure she doesn't have anything more serious." Can you believe the audacity with which these doctors and nurses shovel their loads of crap at people? I've been to the doctor with my son almost 9 years ago when he had a case of pinworms. They did nothing to examine him for more serious issues. And as far as that goes, I have worked for 2 different doctors over the years. I seen everything from outright lies, to blatant and purposeful overbilling to using lactated ringers instead of medicine. Doctors are lovely (ha!) people. No wonder the people in the U.S. just get sicker and sicker. I wonder is there any correlation between that and doctors getting richer and richer? Another no brainer.

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