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Richie Noe Racing / Good faith loan scam

Tarpon Springs, FL, United States Review updated:
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Richie Noe Racing, Richie Noe, Paul Chenard, Suzane Chenard Using this kid for financial gains asking for sponsorships Tarpon Springs Florida

Paul came to us asking us to help them get the advertisements on a truck being used for Richie and the 'racing team'. He professed they are a christian family, talked about how he came about being Richie's guardian, etc. We bought into it as well as several businesses in the Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor and Dunedin area did.

We are right now standing at a loss of $4, 800 plus!!! We are currently in the process of trying to locate them because they have hidden out and turned their phone off. Other businesses are unable to locate them either. We took this money from our savings because we believed in what they were selling. We wanted to help this kid. Unfortunately for us we found Paul does have a history in the Pinellas county court system after the fact. Maybe we should have done a records search on him before we gave him the money!!

If you know where he is, we would appreciate the contact from you!! Please beware of him!!! These people use and abuse their supposed Christian life.

Do Not Believe them!!!


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  6th of Feb, 2009
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I was offered a ride from them along with another kid because there kid was hurt. corey and i was suppose to maintain results and support for there sponsors which would be you. i was very skilled and liked out at the track and tracks i was looked up to. this guy never gave me the bike and used my picture, honesty and reputation to help himself. I didnt get anything out of this deal we had except now i get made fun of about this situation and i now cannot find a ride. i was searching for his website to see if he was still using my photo i never gave him permission to use, when i came across this. i still know alot of people that travel for motorcross and may possibly know where he is if you need help my email is ridered312@yahoo.com
  5th of Mar, 2009
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I am a professional trainer. A degreed exercise pysiologist with many years of experience working with moto x racers. I was approached by Paul Chenard Ritchies guardian and asked to join his race team. I was offered a salary and promised other things. I was also told by Chenard that I could purchase a 2000 cr 250 at a great price. I was shown a title on the bike and he assured me it was a nice bike. He said if I WOULD GIVE HIM a 200 dollar deposit he would make sure I got the bike. So I gave him the money along with the money to join the AMA
240 total dollars and of course I never saw the bike or my AMA card, even after months of trying to pursue him. He finally disappeared and I was not able to reach him anymore. I learned later that he had scammed many people in the Tarpon area. I feel sorry for the young boy, I think he is talented and is just a pawn for these people to make money with. Thanks NLS
  23rd of May, 2010
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  18th of Sep, 2010
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And now Richie has a new website and is claiming internet bashing. How is it bashing when its the truth. This kid was fully aware of what his guardian was doing!! There are statements blaming the failure to provide what was promised on a company that had fallen into bankruptcy. Unfortunately for Richie this is not quite 100% true since it was at least 12 - 18 months AFTER the debt for the personal loan was due that the other "sponser" fell into bankruptcy. Shame on you for trying to dupe the public yet again
  20th of Feb, 2011
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in aug i rented a moble home from paul. he is very good at scaming he is living at 6521 riverview drive riverview, florida 33578. he is the manager of the park if u have any question for me call me at 813-464-4998. thanks and good luck catching him
  10th of Apr, 2011
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Paul is using the name Paul Noe and is no longer managing the trailer park on Riverview Drive. However, rumor has it he is living in a trailer at the East Bay race track and we believe it!
  17th of Apr, 2011
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I can tell you right where he is at this time...
  17th of Apr, 2011
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He's the owner of Rainbow Rock Mobile Home Park, Plant City Fla. The motor home w/ a Richie Noe Trailer is also located on the premises. Glad to know the truth.
  11th of Jun, 2011
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Hes ###in this park at rainbow rock up. I had a gun in ma face and their was nothin done about it. Their are sex predators in a family park where 84% of teenants are children still yet nothing is done wow.
  6th of Oct, 2011
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Yea Paul is a real scam artist. He came to me saying he would help get my kid some training for me, and would sell me this bike cheap. He told me he needed a $50 background check fee, and a $500 deposit on the bike, plus he said the trainer needed to get a percentage of the money up front and it would be $600 for the first 20 lessons I was paying for. At that point it was out of budget so I told him I could not go further with him, and then claimed he could talk the trainer and the bike deposit down if I gave him the cash asap. Then I knew it was a skam. The whole thing was so believable.
  5th of Jul, 2014
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They are no longer at Rainbow Rock, he was exposed for stealing money and fired, No idea where they are now

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