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I had my black 2003 BMW 5 series vandalized on Halloween of 2009, it was keyed all over the body and spray painted as well. I contacted the insurance and they recommended Richeys i got estimate and got the car for a fix right away.

After couple days i got a phone call to pick up my car. I got to the lot and had a look around my car and i saw my 530i trunk emblem was almost falling off like if they tore it out and then put it back and dint buy a new one. So i complained about that and they said they couldn't find another carbon fiber emblem so i requested a regular black one, and i drove off the lot. That evening i drove to Seattle and i was confused why on passenger side my window looks like if i get a glare, well i found out later that its clear coat on my tint also i saw my rear window tint was scratched as well! so i went back to the shop and they got the 2 windows re-tinted.

Well my 2 windows being re-tint it the PURPLE color!!! and my previous was charcoal and i like the charcoal color more then the purple so i went back to the shop again!!! THE 4TH TIME!!! and they just gave me a $100 check with no emblem and scratched up back door cover and my trunk inside was scratched up without any fasteners tabs so i spend another $300 out of my pocket and fixed them my self.

And yes i contacted the insurance but they told me always to go back to the shop and later i got sick of it so i stopped.

If insurance recommends me to go their again I WONT!!! i like my car getting done the first time right then going back and forth 5 times and getting your car more worse condition then were it should be...

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      19th of May, 2010

    I am writing this comment on behalf of Richey’s Auto Body, Inc. I feel that this complaint is unfair.

    First, the vehicle did have aftermarket carbon fiber emblems. We did a vast search to find a replacement but matching emblems were unavailable. Therefore, the customer asked if we could try and save the existing emblem. We stated that the reattached emblem would most likely not look very good, but we would definitely try and see. As expected, the emblem did not look good, so the customer opted to have us order an OEM emblem.

    Second, there was a little bit of overspray on the window and we agreed to have the window tinted at our cost. The customer pointed out a scratch on the rear window which was not actually part of the job. Due to the fact that the customer had to bring the vehicle back, we offered to have the rear window tinted at the same time for him. The glass company matched the tint as closely as possible but the customer felt that it was not close enough. He said that his friend had done the original tinting and could match it so we gave him a check for $100.00 to have the tint redone to his satisfaction.

    Lastly, we never heard anything about the door or trunk. If there were additional repairs needed that were due to the accident, we would have gladly contacted the insurance company and taken care of them for the customer. There was no need for the customer to pay anything out of his own pocket.

    Regrettably, the customer did have to come back, but to say it was five times is an exaggeration. It is unfortunate when a customer of any business feels the need to spread negativity. It is especially unfortunate in this case. We pride ourselves in providing good customer service and I feel that we went above and beyond to try and make this customer happy.

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