Richard Tam / Poor Service Quality and Wrong Invoicing

I rented a car and the reservation quotation is HKD3, 759.59 ( € 337.01)

After the rental, on my credit card statement, I have 2 charges:
1) HKD3843.77,
2) HKD282.12 (25 Euro), charged 5 days later

In Europcar website, they have a "Europcar Promise" that their quotation is "All inclusive price", "guarantee no surprise". What a joke? Their invoices really surporise me a lot.

When I returned car, the facts are that:
1) ths car is at full tank,
2) the car is in good condition, no damage and no loss at all,
3) for the office of returning location, opening hours is until 7pm. I called the office at around 6:30pm to inform their staff that I am on the way coming. At exactly 6:59pm, my car was physically arrived at the office, main door, and I, myself, was at the main door. I found that one of their staff is about to close the main door. I told her that I was returning car. She has no intention to handle the return procedure and just told me to drive down
the car park and drop the key.

Now, 1 month after, I checked my invoice at their website, there is only 1 invoice at the amount same as quotation (HKD3, 759.59, € 337.01). However, my credit cards was charged 2 times, with HKD3843.77 and HKD282.12. I sent email to them, after 8 days, no reply from custsomers service. No explaination on what the charges are. Just received an email from the webmaster/e-mail dispatching staff telling me not to contact him anymore, don't bother him, he said he is not handling this, and asking me to contact the customer service directly . How poor their staff is?

My final advice is "Don't rent at Europcar".


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