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Richard Steve Mitchell
Genuwinely Uniquely R.S.M - Counselling –Advocacy- Consulting
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March 20, 2017

MegaBus Canada
Customer Service Representative - Complaint Department

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be advised that I Richard Steve Mitchell of Genuwinely Uniquely R.S.M - Counselling –Advocacy- Consulting, had business to attend to in Montreal Quebec, Canada, on Tuesday March 14, 2017, whereby, I attended the Toronto Bus Terminal, located at 610 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario – Canada, that I may acquire the necessary information, that I may have the adequate information for an effective method of travel and the most efficient means of transportation, upon speaking with an agent of Megabus, window I was persuaded that Magabus, Transportation would be Stress Free Travel, being that I am already enduring some serious external stressors, whereby, to my advantage being an experience Mental Health Professional Practitioner, I am able to a great length monitor, and assess my own stress level, however, that being said, it was a very stressful, and an externally uncomfortable experience travelling to over 14 hours un the return trip, whereby, no apologies were ever utter to the customer from any of the staff members of Megabus company, where turned stress into pain.

Upon purchasing my ticket to Montreal, I was informed that the travelling time would be no less than six hours, whereas, the arrival time was approximately eight hour, which was acceptable being that there was a heavy snow fall, and safety in first and most, moreover, even though there were heavy snow fall, and heavy traffic at different geographical places the fourteen plus hours was just not accountable, and was extremely discouraging, painful, and set me off well behind my schedule whereby, I had to attend to my elderly mother as to my routine support to her wellbeing.
I am therefore, forwarding this letter, due to the ill and unconcerned of those of us whom had chosen your company for our transportation of choice for what we had hope to be a safe, and stress-free environment, which was not the case being the returned trip came tremendously short of the express one stop in Kingston, Ontario Stop, where in fact there were at least three stop, and not the one, surprisingly have the bus just to arrive in Downtown Toronto, just in time for the 6:30 Am, departure time for the express Kingston, Ontario stop via Montreal.

So saying, I do believe without any questions ask, that there should had been some sort of a annulment made, for any delay in the traveling schedule, however, to date there has been no such, announcement made while on the bus, or during the announce stop, at Scarborough Town Centre, Brockville formerly Elizabethtown, Ontario, the schedule, Kingston, Ontario, stop, and some other place which I did not get the opportunity to document, again, at no time was it announced that we will be stopping at those other locations, and without any consideration to us the customers, which is an outright demonstration of gross, negligence, and uncaring to those of us, who keep you operating in an highly competitive industry not only here in Ontario, but Canada, and the United States of America.

With that being said, being also a Community Worker – Outreach and Development Practitioner, I do emphatically believe that I am entitled to some sort of compensation, a written apology for the grossly mistreatment, non-consideration of valued customers, where we the customers do have extreme understanding considering the inclement weather condition that there would be some sort of missing the mark as it is concerning the schedule.

Nevertheless, if there were no other voice, of displeasure I therefore, take this opportunity in being a voice not, only for myself, however, for the entire passengers on the 3:30 Pm, Montreal departure in route to Kingston, and Toronto, Downtown Bus Terminal, whereby, my cost to Montreal was $ 115.00, and the Total hours on Bus, was approximately 22 hours.

Richard Steve Mitchell – CWOD, SAAC, MCC Genuwinely Uniquely R.S.M - Counselling –Advocacy- Consulting

Mar 20, 2017

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