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Rich Chilleri / exposed domestic abuser drug user austin tx

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How well do you really know charles (Rich) chilleri? Charles richard chilleri has shown explosive rage and violence. Rich chilleri is someone with little regard for his own family/house members and is an avid drug abuser. What does that say about a person? Rich chilleri has violently beat his own family members, he was arrested for assault and bodily injury to a family member multiple times. He has also attempted to impede the breathing of a family member like a psychopath.

Rich chilleri gets away with this behavior by manipulating people around him and putting on this fake friendly act. Go ahead and ask rich chilleri about his violent criminal ways and watch him lie through his crooked teeth. The rich chilleri he wants you to think he is far from the rich chilleri he actually is. He is a cowardly woman beater and abuser, a drug abuser and criminal.

He plays the drums with austin harpist kristen gibbs and works at avery ranch golf club and also teravista golf club. He plays with james fosler and slaps together drumming gigs here and there in austin texas under chilleri music. He has been associated with omar and the howlers, and chilleri music.

He has also been known to say racial slurs about black people when around his friends. Sometimes he will befriend a black guy just in case he is called out about his racism he can say "I have a black friend". He has referred to african americans slaves and other racial slurs I don't care to repeat and made some black jokes that made anyone who heard uncomfortable. When he is called out on it he will say I have black friends how can I be racist. But rich is racist, he just hides it from people as part of his manipulation and uses his black "friend (S)" as a sort of hedge against being called out as a racist. He also hates hispanics and any latinos. Ask rich chilleri all about his racism and watch as he lies through those crooked teeth of his some more and goes into denial mode.

What does that say about a place of business that employs such a person? What does it say about someone who associates with such a person? All I can say is ask rich chilleri about his woman beating and drug using and his racism toward african americans and latinos ask him if he has ever been arrested and ask him for what. I bet he lies through his buck teeth. He might even be brazen and shameless as to deny all of it and lie to your face. The picture you see is of a mugshot of the criminal rich chilleri and another of him putting on a fake smile trying to hide his true woman beater, drug using, racist self (Did he fool you)?

Rich Chilleri
Rich Chilleri

Nov 17, 2017
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  17th of Nov, 2017
-10 Votes

Why are you posting this? No proof, just innocent photos. If you are Kristen Gibbs, learn about libel and slander

  17th of Nov, 2017
Best Best Advice +19 Votes

One is a mug shot, so nice try trying to defend this domestic abuser, but his criminal history is VERIFIED! So go ahead and ask him about his criminal history and see if he lies.

It says a lot about you coming on here to defend a drug using domestic abuser.

  21st of Nov, 2017
-6 Votes

I’m not defending anyone. I’m merely wondering why you posted this on a forum for complaints, not a forum for exposing people. Do the users here infer they communicate with alleged rapists, alleged prejudiced people, alleged child abusers??

  21st of Jan, 2018
+10 Votes

Rich Chilleri doesn't seem to respect anyone unless he can use them for something. In my view he is a despicable person and beating on his own family makes him even more despicable.

  23rd of Feb, 2018
-6 Votes

I am only publicly posting because I am confident& truthful in the statement I am about to make regarding the impede the breathing of a family member charge this man was falsely charged with. The woman who is responsible for that charge (I will not state names bc I'm not sure of the laws on that) but she herself in person told me she was in fact the one that had assaulted him & when the police arrived she gave false statements accusing him of strangling her which led to his arrest that day & that charge was the result of her LIES. His accuser is well know for such accusations & this is not the first man's life she has ruined, all the while laughing at her manipulation of the police. I do not know if his other abuse charges stemmed from her & honestly haven't attempted to even look up the time period, I have my assumptions but I am only posting to state facts that I am 100% on. I am willing to swear under oath should any official choose to contact me regarding my statement in private because this is a serious matter not a public gossip blog, I will give you additional contact information.

  1st of Mar, 2018
+9 Votes

I can tell you that Rich Chilleri beat on more than one woman. I would hardly call him a man as his actions are that of a coward. Nice attempt at defending the domestic abuser, but he is a coward and he also does drugs. I would not be shocked to find out that when he beat on women he was high on drugs like a lowlife. So how do you defend Charles Rich Chilleri's drug use? This person above is likely Rich Chilleri posting to try and justify the fact that he is in fact a domestic abusing woman beater.

Who is the alleged liar? If he was innocent of the domestic abuse why did Rich Chilleri plead GUILTY and was convicted? Are you implying that the court that he was convicted in is lying? Be honest and understand Rich Chilleri was the on who in fact pleaded GUILTY of the charges of family violence and causing injury. Rich Chilleri manipulates people around him and twists the story so he appears innocent. Rich Chilleri has screwed over many people and has a reputation for being manipulative. So don't sit there and try to invalidate the FACT that Rich Chilleri is a domestic abuser and a drug using lowlife.

  26th of Mar, 2018
-4 Votes

@Johnpi This is Rich Chilleri, and none of above comnents were mine, but this one us, Jena Sadler is posting and reposting these lies! I have NEVERin my life assaulted any human, animal or thing, ask my ex wife, my boys, my childhood friends. Jena is sad and lonely. She has hit me at least 100 times in the head, lied to cops. I swear on my life im innocent and i dont care about this stuff she reposts, im 100% supported in all areas of my life! Get a life Jena

  28th of Mar, 2018
-6 Votes

@Johnpi Call my ex wife of 20 years and ask about violence, none, never ever!! Your lies are catching up to you, desperate and lonely in San Angelo

  29th of Mar, 2018
+4 Votes

Say Whatever you want Rich Chilleri, but answer this, why did you plead guilty and get convicted of the violence that the original poster is talking about, same violence you now deny. This is FACT. So are you saying the courts lied and just convicted you for no reason?

Rich Chilleri you come on here and try to act righteous and like you never did anything to anyone. On the contrary you screwed over a lot of people. So I think your decades of manipulating people, talking bad about them behind their back, pulling your dirty tricks, doing drugs, being a racist, beating on women and lying are catching up with you and your lying is FINALLY coming to light and you are being shown for the pile of garbage you really are.

  30th of Mar, 2018
-7 Votes

@ChilleriLovesLying Wow you're truly bored Jena! You know the answer to that question, you helped me make that decision at your home in san angelo! The truth always comes out, I am innocent completely of any violent acts. Me manipulating people, lol. Wow you saw the musicians and real estate agents thanking me for the free endless training and tours i did with countless musicians, if giving my heart to people is manipulating, then im guilty. Im at peace because im innocent, again the truth is the truth, cant change it. Tell your beautiful sons i said hello! Peace be with you Sadler

  25th of Apr, 2018
+6 Votes

Rich Chilleri is indeed a racist. He definitely discriminates and makes black jokes to his pals when he thinks no one who is black is around. I have personally seen him also be racist to another black gentleman and a Hispanic man.

Rich can say what he wants, but he comes off as a sociopath. Rich, if you were innocent as you claim then why were you convicted of those things? also you know you are a drug user, people who you think are your friends talk about how you are and that is how I knew about your racist jokes. You are a rotten person and no one believes any other way. Denial doesn't make you right. I pray that you cure your heart of hate due to peoples race/ethnicity. Its not just me, other people know you have spoken disparagingly of blacks and Hispanics as well. Quit lying to yourself

  8th of May, 2018
0 Votes

J Tee aka Jena Sadler, you're an [censored], you don't even know me. You re desperate, i divorced you because you're the most despicable human on the planet. You re jealous, insecure and just a loser. Please go away and dont come back!!!

  8th of May, 2018
-3 Votes

J Tee aka Jena Sadler, why is your friend willing to testify you lied to the police? The filth coming from your own words Sadler, yikes you're scaring me. The truth will be told guaranteed, so enjoy blabbering now because justice will prevail!

  9th of May, 2018
+1 Votes

I guess the truth hurt. Rich Chilleri was convicted of these crimes and putting his hands on women. Rich are you saying that the court that convicted you is lying?

Seems like you are blaming everyone but the disgusting ignorant racist, drug using, woman beating fool that is in the mirror.

Looks like Rich Chilleri is trying to turn things around and play the victim when he was the one CAUGHT, FOUND GUILTY, and CONVICTED of victimizing people.

Justice has already prevailed, that is why the courts convicted you of your crimes. Grow up and take responsibility for your abusive ways. No one is fooled.

  9th of May, 2018
-1 Votes

@TruthHurts! Then go away Jena, no one cares anymore, really get a life. Spend your energy on your sons. If the courts ruled, then whats your purpose. Seems like you've destroyed the guys life already! So move on and leave the guy alone, seems like he has!!

  11th of May, 2018
+1 Votes

@Rich Chilleri, You assume a lot don't you. If no one cares then why are you responding? The purpose is to expose the woman beating domestic abuser for choking women and doing drugs. Who destroyed Rich Chilleri's life? In what way?

He destroyed his own life along with the victims of his abuse when he decided to impede the breathing of a household member and do drugs like a lowlife. So the only person that is "destroying" Charles Richard Chilleri's life is Charles Rich Chilleri. The only thing being done here is telling the truth. The truth always hurts the guilty. Thats why Rich Chilleri is hurt about the truth of his lies being exposed for all to see. His fake personality he puts on for show doesn't work anymore.

Looks like the no good pile of abusing trash is just trying to blame everyone but the person staring back at him in the mirror. Rich never was a stand up man, always a coward. What can you or anyone else say to the truth? Not a thing, only thing you can do is deflect and deny. (The actions of a coward) So since you don't care then stop responding. No one believes your pathetic denial and lies.

  12th of May, 2018
-2 Votes

Ive never hit another human being, there us no proof cause i didn't hit you or anyone, you're just desperate. Ive got a lawyer now so this will stop and i mean business. You wont slander me wirhout consequences judicially, so enjoy!!

  12th of May, 2018
+2 Votes

Rich Chileri, you have been CONVICTED of impeding the breathing of another person and putting your hands on them. You have been arrested for possessing drugs. You claim someone is "desperate"? Desperate for what? The truth is the truth. Sounds like you just wanted to keep your violent tendencies a secret while you put on a fake personality and now the fake mask you have been putting on is lifted off and people see you for the person you really are.

As I said before, your denial and lies just shows you are a coward who refuses to take responsibility for your violent, drug using ways. Are you saying the court that convicted you is lying? The courts have no reason to lie, that is why you were convicted.

  13th of May, 2018
-1 Votes

[censored] you, you're the coward for lying to the cops, i couldnt even get into my home so its impossible, again the truth will be brought to light when you're friends and son testify against Jena Sadler, aka Lucifers wife, Satan in human form, the real porky pig is Jena Sadler!!!

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