riaenjolie / Horrible service

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Horrible customer service, this is an incompetent company that doesent care once the money is paid. I had the same complaint as the first person reviewing. I was put under intense pressure to sign up, but I told them I wasnt ready and wasnt sure if I would be able to spend the time for the website development. I was told everything was refundable and treated well in the beginning. I found that after a few weeks I couldnt spend the time I had to. During the whole time rienjolie did no work other than fill up the credit card payment, I made no contact with them, and told them I wanst ready. But when I told them I couldnt do it and wanted a refund that was the end of any conatct they did with me. The money wasnt returned, they told me they could only return $29. I asked them why I should pay them $178 for filling up a credit card payment application form and no other work. They agreed with me and said they would get back to me, but never did. Repeated calls and emails went unanswered. All in all I learnt an important lesson for $178. The saying "too good to be true" is a fact and to never trust these sales people in companies like these. because once the money is paid the sales people you talk to are gone and you deal with incompetent fools and the sales guy you talk to earlier just refers everything to them after.

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