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My daughter signed up for Rhody All stars in the spring of 09. Initially she loved it until the owner, Lance Merry, in a tempermental hissy fit, publicly humiliated her and verbally abused her in front of her whole team for a misunderstanding that was actually my fault (I am her mom). She left the practice in tears, totally humiliated and consequently never wants to step foot in there again. Mr. Merry was completley unprofessional, disrespecful and verbally abusive to a 14 year old child. When confronted, he did not apologize or say there was a misunderstanding or anything like that. He continued to pull his little hissy fit with me. I, however, am not a shy 14 year old who is intimidated by an overgrown child. I was paying a lot of money for her to attend this academy and I expect her to treat people with respect and in turn, I expect her to be treated the same way. Rhody All Stars is run by a bully who likes to intimidate little girls. Keep your kids away.

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      Nov 07, 2009

    With all due respect to Oliv, I totally disagree. I have been a Rhody parent for over seven years and have not had any problems with Lance Merry, his staff, and the professionalism of the gym. In fact, my daughter has grown personally and athletically there. On occasion, Mr. Merry has expressed his dissatisfaction to the athletes when they are not performing to their potential, as any other coach would do. I am always at my child's practice in the parent waiting room and I have NEVER heard him say anything out-of-line nor has he been disrespectful and verbally abusive in our presence.

    I'm sorry your daughter had a bad experience, but your description of this gym is inaccurate and not fair to the parents, athletes, and staff of Rhody All Stars. Please reconsider your libelous posts.

    Concerned Mother

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