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I am an individual who see a breast cancer specialist and who also sent me to have a MRI done because of my family history and my previous history.I was asked by the receptionist "Did anyone call me regarding my appointment for that day? I stated no, but I called today to confirm the appointment and the exact time scheduled, because this is a very important and serious matter.I did not receive a phone call from their office to confirm it, so I did to make sure that I would not miss it.I was told to have a seat, I did, I was called back to the desk and the receptionist states that someone had called me and told me that I needed to pay 500.00 dollars that day, because my insurance deduction was a 1, 000.00 dollars.I stated to her that I did not have that kind of money and my employment suitation.Now I was told to have a seat again to see the office manager.The office manager finally comes out and call me to the back, she states"that they had to have the 500.00 dollars today or that I could not have the test done.She states "well I need a credit card or something" there was no payment plan or nothing else offered and then she say I"m sorry and I"ll let the doctor know who order the test.What a way to be treated by a professonial medical place, the so-called medical image.Had I known that I had to have this type of money, I would have reshedule the appointment to a time when I would have that money. The economy is bad and times are tuff for me right now working partime due to reasons beyond my control.I must say that it is a bad, bad feeling to be turned down so bluntly for medical care.


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