[Resolved] Rhino Tech / Fruit Infused Water Bottle By Hi-drate H2o From Amazoninvestment scam

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James Simao who is operating an Amazon business that charged clients $5, 000 in advance for providing unique information about running a success Amazon business. Then, James expects his client have to give him money upfront to buy her products from distributors. And the client has to share with James 50% of her profits from her sales from Amazon (of course the profits after the money of total sales that is already subtracted from all business expensed like: ( cost of products, cost of multi-media websites to promote the product on amazon, cost of UPS, cost of press release). The $5, 000 is an advance on earned profits of the 50% Joint Venture Partnership will be reimbursed at the end of the 6 month term contract or deducted from any and all earned profits from James’s portion of the 50% Joint Venture Agreement. James Simao promises with his clients that he will offer a full refund if his clients are not happy with his services. Unfortunately, James Simao is just a sweet talk to gain the trust and sympathy from investors in order to benefit himself financially, he is not a honest business man as he is bragging about himself. He is always failing to deliver the promised services to his investors. He has defrauded lot of investors by falsely claiming high returns from amazon business.

James P Simao is a scammer! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!

James P Simao stole $11, 720.40 from me 4 month ago. He claims to have a large investment pool of funds but can never prove it. James P Simao moved to California from Hawaii since 2011. Then he moved to Mexico since september 2014 after he stole money from me. James Simao is an U.S citizen however he doesn’t pay tax for U.S. He has stolen money from U.S citizens and brings his cash to Mexico to hide after every scam. How shamed when James Simao took advantage of a young single mom.

He also stole other pretty women photos to write a fake Facebook account to scam the male investors. James Simao P.O Box is 591 Telegraph Canyon Rd # 504, Chula Vista, CA. 91910.

This guy is total BAD NEWS!

I have reported James Simao to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel on Nov, 2014 and scam report on Dec, 2014. Google: complaint about James Simao scam fraud and you can read the order.

James Simao is a big liar! He has an anger and control issues. He got mad very easily if things doesn't move by his way. I got nervous when I deal with him. James Simao is a dishonest business man. He has no problem making up whatever story he needs to fit the situation.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Chula Vista, CA He will tell you everything that you want to hear to earn the business from you but nothing that he said is the true! James bragged to me that he graduated from University of Hawaii as an attorney but I found out from his friends that James was only graduated from High School, no college degree!

James Simao also falsely advertised himself as an ultra wealthy, mansion living business man who is looking for investors . Unfortunately, I found out that James Simao didn’t really own a home and he always used other investor’s money to keep off the grid!

On August, 14th, 2014 James Simao asked me for $5, 000 upfront with promise that he would train me how to run a success Amazon business. Unfortunately, James Simao didn’t provide me the services that he promised me as the contract (I still have the contract with me). On September, 11th, 2014, James Simao again asked me $6, 720.25 upfront to pay for the goods for my amazon business . James Simao promised me that he would provide me a receipt from the distributor and I should receive the goods in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, James Simao didn’t give me a receipt from the distributor as I expected. I only received an invoice from James Simao, not the receipt from the distributor! . It has been 3 months since I gave James $6, 720.25 to buy the goods, I haven’t received any products from James Simao yet.
I found out that James Simao used my money to spend on his business expenses. I tried to contact James Simao so many times to ask for my money back but he never returned my phone call. I felt very angry and depressed when James stole $11, 720.40 from me and disappeared without saying anything to me! James Simao has also stolen lots of money from other investors. I have raised my son by myself since he was 9 months old…I have worked very hard to survive…. I withdraw money from credit card to invest in James business with hope that I can make an extra income for my son’s college savings. Unfortunately, James Simao stole all my money. I feel very stupid and angry of myself. I shouldn’t trust James Simao from the beginning. When I complained about James Simao business operation on internet blog, Facebook and asked for my money back, I was contacted by phone by someone with a male voice who threaten to kill my family if I am continuing to complain about James Simao….I am afraid for my unsafety now...

If you ever think of investing in his BS, be prepared to say goodbye to your money forever or be prepared to have to fight to get it back. This man will serve time in jail for what he is doing!

Rhino Tech / Fruit Infused Water Bottle By Hi-drate H2o From Amazon

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    Hi-drate H2o didn't want to resolve this issue. This man is an evil man. He disappeared from california as soon as he stole $20, 000 from me and $100, 000 from other investors. I tried to contact Mr. Simao so many times to ask for my money back but I couldn’t reach him. I was very upset and disappointed!

Dec 22, 2014
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      Jan 25, 2015

    I am one of Mr. James Simao’s victims who lost $20, 000 dollars on James’ fraud.

    Mr. James Simao is currently operating Hi-drate H2o on Amazon and has bought the junk infuser water bottles from China for $5/bottle and sold these water bottles for $20/bottle on Amazon. Unfortunately, James is using Amazon for fraudulent purposes! He has been scamming lot of investors by claiming high profits returned from his business on Amazon. This bad guy has stolen almost $100, 000 from his investors! There are lot of investors felt ashamed to report this bad guy to police because they didn’t want their family and friends to know about their stupid mistakes! Please be careful with your money before you want to invest it into Mr. James Simao’s business!

    James Simao is a fraud! I was promised a sweet relaxful retirement by being in business with him for $20, 000...and you know what happened? He betrayed me and stole all of my money before taking off to Mexico…. The police tried to find him but Mexico was out of the country and he could not be found. Please don't invest money with him otherwise you're going to end up living in an apartment like me...I am moving from beach house to a junk apartment…

    On September, 2014 Mr. Simao charged me $5, 000 in advanced promising me the information on how to run a success Amazon business. He swore that he would teach me how to make $20, 000 to $30, 000 per month on Amazon business. Unfortunately, Mr. Simao didn’t keep his promise with me as on the contract. On November, 2014, Mr. Simao asked me for $15000 upfront to pay for my products on Amazon business. It has been 4 months since I gave Mr. Simao my money, I haven’t received any of my products yet.

    Then, my friend called me last month to report to me that Mr. James Simao stole all our money to buy the infuser water bottle from in China for his own business on Amazon. Then, Mr. Simao escaped to Mexico after stole all investors’ money in US! That is sad that Mr. James Simao was trying to make lot of money by either stealing from his customers or rip-off his customers.

    Mr. James Simao has been reported to the Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Sentinel, FBI, police, court. James Simao will serve in jail soon!

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      Mar 18, 2015

    James Simao, a violent seller on Amazon who is operating Hi-drate H2o, has stolen almost $100, 000 from all his investors. Hi-drate H2o uses this money to buy the junk infuser water bottle from in China for $4/bottle and he is selling these junk infuser water bottle on Amazon for $20/ bottle. This junk water bottle is not worth it for $20. The cap is leaking and the bottle is scratched after couple times of using. Mr. Simao is using Amazon business to scam lot of investors to make the high profits returned for his business. I am one of his victims. Mr. Simao scammed me $15, 000 by falsely promised me that he would show me how to build a success business on Amazon and help me make $50, 000 profits per month on Amazon.
    Unfortunately, Mr. Simao is a dishonest business man! He disappeared from california as soon as he stole $15, 000 from me. I tried to contact Mr. Simao so many times to ask for my money back but I couldn’t reach him. I was very upset and disappointed! but I felt ashamed to report to the police because I don’t want the whole world knew how stupid I am…
    On November, 2014, I found out that Mr. James Simao moved to Mexico to hide after he stole all money from the investors in US. Then, he uses his investors’ money to build his company in Mexico that is located beside Caliente Casino in Tijuana, Mexico.

    I am taking lot of my time to write this review because I want to stop Mr. James Simao’s fraud! I don’t want more innocent investors lost money like I did! James Simao is a scammer! He is creating a very bad image for Amazon business by using Amazon for fraudulent purposes!
    I am disappointed when Amazon does business with this kind of horrible seller! I think that Hi-drate H2o doesn’t deserve to do business with Amazon. Amazon should take this incident seriously to prevent the bigger problem for Amazon business in the future.

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      Mar 18, 2015

    This evil man should serve in jail

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