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Rhapsody / Buggy Software

Denver, United States Review updated:
The 4th version of Rhapsody is filled with bugs that crash my computer several times a day. Real refuse to fix bugs or re-release old software that didn't have as many buys. Don't get this serives till they fix the software. I have been trying to fix, and have wasted 20 hours with no avail.


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  30th of Oct, 2008
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I just experienced frustration with Rhapsody service. Yesterday, the application quit working - so I did the usual clean up which did not fix the problem - it would not play the tracks but speed right through each track. I was signed into the account and internet connection was working fine. I did a clean reinstall - and it worked fine - this was yesterday. I opened Rhapsody today and saw the library was missing some stuff - I was going to check out the help - but noticed that my account subscription was changed to $14.99/mo Rhapsody to Go!!! I didn't change it - I've been an Unlimited Rhapsody customer since February 2005, paying $89/year and after the reinstall, the subscription info changed. I chatted with customer service rep and he would not revert it back to the way it was. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!!! and I think quite fraudulent - to change subscriptions on customers without their consent!!! The rep said he had to escalate this matter and I will hear back in 24-48 hours - but for now, I'm posting here and I will contact our State's Consumer Protection dept.
  8th of Nov, 2009
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Just had a problem while downloading an MP3 file from Rhapsody.com, the file did not show anywhere on my computer even after doing a search for it on my entire computer under different names. The file showed in my pop up download window yet it wasn't click able and I couldn't unzip it! It was there in name but nothing more.
Even though Rhapsody makes you have an account you are not given the option of re-downloading what you just bought (which in my opinion should be an option).
I originally thought it would save me time and money to buy music this way! If i had only known the none sense I had to go through to get the music I would have preferred spending a $4 or $5 more for the actual album.
I call customer service already a bit frustrated about the whole ordeal and I am being told to call back later they have technical problems!!! Ok. I call back.
I get on the phone with India (because I know I am dealing with overseas CS, been there before with other companies), I am asked all these questions and then transferred to another technician. He asks me more questions and puts me through the same search I had already done previously with no avail.
Finally, I get a credit in my Rhapsody account while on the phone with Cust Serv, and he ask that I download one file not the whole album for a test. In the meantime I ask him to repeat himself because of accents, culture differences and different dealing approaches, I am not always sure what he is asking me. So he becomes condescending towards me, acting as if I was dumb or some old lady who knew nothing about computers... So fine I ignore his tone of voice and his over patronizing attitude. All I want is my music.
So I follow his instructions and download one song but it shows on his computer as being the entire album!!! But not on my computer!!! He starts accusing me of not listening, meanwhile I was looking directly at my screen and it showed to be only one song for $0.99 cents.
So finally I loose my patience! It is obviously a computer glitch and beyond the both of us. He becomes even more condescending and patronizing as if I was some kind of computer ###! Maybe I am not a wiz but am savvy enough to use the computer many hours a day.
This is the last time I use Rhapsody to buy my music or for any other reason. This was the worst experience in cust serv ever. This company should know that they are as good as the cust serv they provide!!!

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