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1 2400 Country Drive, Fremont, CA 94536, Fremont, CA, United States Review updated:

Rezn8 offered me modification services at a premium price ($4, 000) when most modification companies charge between $1, 500 and $2, 500. It promises me full refund if the bank denies the modification.


1) They never refund me $4, 000!

Instead, when the bank denies modification, they asked me to immediately pay another $3, 500 to sue the lender. They said that my contract obliges me to sue the lender and hence they will not refund

2) Didn't do a lot more than forwarding documents to the lender and making some phone calls. So, if anything, their services are short of usual modification companies that are able to reach the negotiator inside the bank.

They are not registered with California's attorney general:

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  • La
      18th of Feb, 2010

    This is Not a complaint, let me repeat, this is NOT a complaint, this is for people that need help and got theirselves into jams w/ company's that took money upfront w/o helping them with a solution for their home, please check out this company, JK-Liberators Delinquent Mortgage & Debt Relief Program, . They really helped me out when i was in a terrible jam AND i had little faith in them b/c i've been in 4 different loan mod programs, including Nationwide, and was ripped the hell off. BUT i prayed about it and decided to give it another try and i received really great results and i'm finally happy with the results. I highly recommend this company to anybody.

    So far I've recommended this company to a couple of my neighbors and they are happy too. I know that working w/ another company my be hard, especially for me, just pray and put a little more trust in this people. U can call these people and get to speak w/ somebody(a REAL person) almost all the time, and receive and update. most of the time u would get a call before u can call them. there are really good on communication. so yes that is a plus.

    If you would like to try them, the website is and remember **NO UPFROUNT FEES!!!**

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  • Ja
      9th of Mar, 2010

    I'm so sorry to hear that. But it lets me know that we're not alone. Its just real unfortunate that this has been done to innocent people. If they couldn't get results, be a big person and stand behind your word. You win some and lose some, thats life. Oh well things don't always turn out the way we expect it. But REZN8 should stand behind their so called 100% guarantee to do something or else give the people back their hard earned money. Have some Integrity! Tough lesson learned, check out these companies with BBB first before using there services.

    Best Wishes!

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  • Ch
      12th of Jan, 2011

    Here's yet another complaint, yes everything negative people are saying is all true. They turned me over to a San Jose lawyer and we paid them yet more money she has been as helpful as a cigarett machine in a cancer ward. I talked with the DA today and some from RENs are being prosecuted since the investigation is over. As of 1/11/2011. I would like to hear from anyone whom had negative dealings with them and or sired them in small claims. We could all meet at a local star bucks or anywhere it's fine with me. My name is chip. And I have lived in Fremont all my life.

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