Rezavicon / Reza Scam

1 NE 16th Avenue #B46, Miami, FL, United States

March 2009 I ordered both Dermapril and Reza. A week after receiving both products, I was charged shipping (individually) for both products. The following week, my checking account was charged twice for both products (way before 14 day trial period).

I contacted both companies for RMA #'s to return the products. Dermapril credited my account but Reza didn't. I contacted Reza to confirm they had received the products and they verified they had been received it. After not receiving the credit to my account, I made several calls to them. I was given every excuse from:

It would take anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks before the credit would show up on my account.

The person who handles the refunds had been out sick and as soon as they returned the credit would be issued.

I should see the credit within 5 to 7 days.

After allowing all of these excuses to fly, I contacted my bank and was told it was too late for them to do anything. But, when and if they credited my account, I was due over $300.00 in credit because the withdrawal had caused my account to be overdrawn.

I've continued to call the [protected] number and all I get is a recording suggesting I leave my name, number and email address and someone will be getting back with me. I have left several messages regarding the credit and other times, I've left messages as if I were a new client. And to date, no one has responded.

What's really sad about this company & product is they used names like Barbara Walters to promote the product. And to day the product is actually being sold in stores. If you call other Reza numbers, they tell you they aren't associated with each other. I feel the company who manufacturers the product should be held accountable in some form or fashion.


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