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Reward Flight / Delays and useless customer service!

1 United Kingdom

I recently flew to Muscat on a reward flight. I was delayed for 2 hours in birmingham. Once on the plane, we got served drinks twice. TWICE! An 8 hour flight after being delayed 2 hours... so 10 hours all in all... and we get 2 little drinks... with ice in don't forget.

At dubai airport while in transit, I realized there was a flight to muscat within 2 hours of me landing in dubai. So instead of my scheduled 8 hour transit I could be with my mom in 3 hours! They wouldn't let me on the flight even though there were apparently loads of spaces on the flight... why didn't they book me on that flight from the start?? If I had a choice between waiting 8 hours in an airport or 2 hours... I would have picked 2 hours without a thought... but I was never given that option.

So after being awake for well over 20 hours as I can't sleep on planes like 80% of the world..We got delayed again for an hour while on the runway.

Now on my return from muscat... I got delayed in the airport for 6 hours. 6 HOURS!!! They gave us stale bread to eat as part of a "we are sorry for the inconvenience" meal. Then, they told me that I was going to miss my connecting flight and they have booked me in a hotel in dubai! When we finally left muscat after 6 hours, we arrived in dubai to find that our connecting flight has not left yet... that too was delayed by about 3 hours. I took my boarding pass to the gate..and surprise surprise they took me off the flight as they thought we were all going to miss it. We were replaced by other people. Needless to say I kicked off massively as this was the 4th delay in my trip...and then to be taken off the flight and told to fly the next day at 8 am... no no no.

They resolved the issue... not with a smile i might add... and then when I finally came to england after all the problems and delays... my baggage was lost. Not only was it delayed... it was lost. It wasn't scanned in at dubai... which meant it probably was still somewhere in muscat... We sat in muscat for 6 hours! more than enough time to put a bag on a plane!! 2 days later the bag arrived, despite there being flights twice a day to birmingham.

I was very disappointed not only with all the delays but also with the attitude of the staff... groundstaff and airstaff... I will fight for compensation you can be guaranteed!

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