Revsertal / charged but not refunded

1 TX, US
Contact information:
Phone: 866-611-8489

I received the product tried the product it did not work. I called to cancel within the fifteen day guarenteed refund period. I even called within ten days of receiving the product to make sure I was not charged. I was charged $88.00 instead of the $87.53 that is advertised on the website. When I received my bank statement I called the customer service department to file a formal complaint and to get my refund. I was told by their representative that I would receive a credit to my account within 7 to 10 business days. I went on vacation and did not take their phone# with me. When I returned home and checked my bank statement the credit was not there. I called again explained everything once again and was told by there representative that I would received a credit within 7 & to 10 business days again naive me believed them. When I received my bank statement and no credit received again I call and get the run around again. Now they say it has been more than 90 days so they can't do anything about the refund. So now we know how this company scams everyone who orders there product and cancels within the guidlines of the guarentee and keeps our money and rips off the people who don't like the product. They keep giving us the run around so they don't have to pay us back. This is shameless and they are taking avantage of the people who are trying to support their company by buying a product.

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