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Revol Phones / Phone replacement

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Revol has this phone replacement program that is a total rip off. I purchased 3 phones from Revol one for me and my 2 girls my phone started saying no service and wouldn't come back on and they told me I had to pay $45 to replace it, even after inspecting it to find nothing I had done caused the problem it was the network. Then my 14 yr olds phone every time she would forward a message her phone would power off, again told I had to pay $45 to replace it stupid why when it was clearly an issue with the phone. Then my 16 yr olds phone the screen went out again nothing she had done but once again $45 to replace it. I understand if damage was caused by the customer visibly the they should pay the replacement fee but if it 's an issue with the companies product it should be of no cost to the customer, especially when the replacement is refurbished you don't even get a new unused phone. How many times does a person pay for the phone when you keep paying this fee for phones that doesn't work more than 1 year. This company definitely needs to be investigated. They even have a scam on phone chargers everyone knows off brand chargers are sometimes issued when you purchase your Revol from another location thats not the main store but if you bring your phone in with that charger they will not replace your phone, will automatically tell you the non manufactured charger caused the problem and make you purchase a brand new phone whatever it cost for the one you choose. INVESTIGATE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE RIPPING HARD WORKING CITIZENS OFF!!!


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  28th of Sep, 2008
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i owned a couple different revol phones, i had a real cheap basic one at first, and the phone was great, but then i was talked in to upgrading to a refurbished phone which never was right from the start, i had a number of batteries i went through, which was always the problem after my three mth warranty was up they told me basically tough luck. i then purchased a v323i motorola was was over 200$ and was told there was a yr warranty on the phone. about 5 mths later the battery went bad in that, and i started having problems with my phone and they said that there was no warranty because the phone had some scratches on it! so yea there customer service sucks!
  16th of Nov, 2008
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  24th of Nov, 2008
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I purchased two cell phones in June, however one of the phones fell apart 2 ½ months later not knowing that the phone wasn’t under warranty I purchased another phone including activation fee $25.00. Now 1 ½ months later the new phone isn’t providing service and I have to pay for another $25.00 for another phone.
  26th of Nov, 2008
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You have to go to there main stores, the express stores are the ones there just to make money selling phones they make comission. I stopped going after two purchases because your paying full price and their comission for a refurbished phone thats extremly out dated and thats probably sitting in the back for about 3 years (that why the batteries go dead and they break easly because they are wam bam look a phone now i'm going to put it in a little white box and throw it into the storage area literally chuck that sucker at the wall) I never had a problem with the main stores long as your reasonable, I have a phone that i will be replaceing soon it lasted me about 2.5 years and it would of lasted me longer but I work construction and I trashed this thing. I've dropped it at least a min. of 100 times, gotten paint thinner in it paint all over it I even threw this phone at walls and at people and this thing still works but now the batter life is very limited but thats normal a regular litheum bat. will last you about 5 years but thats with estimated usage and I talk on the phone like I'm a 16 year old girl.
  26th of Nov, 2008
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081511 & saber_ghalap@yahoo.com &mysadraw@live.com
  26th of Nov, 2008
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(081511) to claim, saber_ghalap@yahoo.com &mysadraw@live.com
  30th of Apr, 2009
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You guys must have not bought a revol phone lately. They only carry brand new phones. See for yourself.
The coolest part is I pay about the same price without a flipp'n contract!! https://www.revol.com/estore/devices.php

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