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I'd only had product from 22.11.12 On checking balance discrepancy in my debit account (which only ever has just enough for my weekly shopping in it), my building society told me that the above company had taken £119 from it. This had been taken from an overdraft. And, I only have my state pension. I have no savings. I was given a number to phone, [protected] (A London number). I phoned them and angrily demanded my money back. They had opened an account for me. I told them to close it. I hadn't used the product, (I'd only had it a few days). They gave me an addess to send it to (Above). They told me I wouldn't need a covering letter. Bit, I did one in any case (just to be on the safe side). I'm now waiting to hear from them re a refund.
But, I'd also ordered at the same time the 'Dead Sea Beauty Kit'. And, I cannot find any contact address for this. I also haven't used this product either. I've yet to contact my building society to stop any further payments going out from my debit account. But, I was wondering if these two companies might not be colluding or be merged in some way - as they're both in Florida.

Barbara Denham: email:[protected]

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  • Su
      Nov 17, 2012
    REVIVAGENIX - Being charged £119.00 for free sample
    Total Body Wellness
    Box Number10841
    United States

    Only ordered one free sample but was charged £119.00 on my credit card, which may I add was never authorised by me, I only authorised approx £4.95 for p.p. I have had to order a new card with new pin as advised by my credit card company and to also put a block on any Health and Beauty products being charged to my credit card in the future. My advisers are totally aware of this sort of practise and assured me if I did not take these measures this company would keep taking £119.00 out of my account every month.I have rung the company so many times, at least15, as I was so distressed, asking for a refund, ref., no and E.mail confirming my refund. The call centre people are very well trained. they calm you down and assure you they have refunded the money. Only on checking your account do you realise you have been scammed yet again. This is the first and last time I will ever send off for a FREE sample on the inter-net. I am 62 years old, mother to 5 and nanna to 6.The old sayings no fool like an old fool and you don't get something for nothing is very wise and very true. BEWARE.

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