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This is a service that claims to have the ability to provide name and addresses of cell phone subscribers. All's the site does is refer you to free sites who do reverse cell phone searches, which typically aren't very good, accurate or effective. It was definitely not worth the $30.00.

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  • Ti
      12th of Mar, 2008

    I purchased the 'unlimited' access plan about a year ago, and recently my login has become inactive. It doesn't matter much though, as the service was a ripoff. As the original poster alluded to, Reverse Phone Detective did NOT provide the names of cell phone subscribers. The reason for this is most cell phone companies do not release this information. The best you can get for cell phone numbers is the city and state of origin as well as the name of the carrier. That is very little help to me. If you read the fine print in the terms on the site, they actually tell you they cannot necessarily provide the names of cell phone subscribers, but their large print advertising leads people to think they can and do provide such information. My advice is don't waste your money. All they have done is created a datamining interface to freely accessible data.

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  • Pb
      21st of Mar, 2008

    Same here. This company is a rip-off. First inspection claims that information is available for a number. It is only AFTER you buy a membership that, upon running a search on the SAME number, that no information for it is available. Big time scam. I emailed them asking for my money back. We'll see what happens. I'm not holding my breath though.

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  • Do
      22nd of Mar, 2008

    Basically if you can't find the info in google phonebook search you won't find it here at either.

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  • Da
      27th of Apr, 2008

    Ran into same problem with other posters. The only info they provided was already on my own phone bill. I'm trying to get a refund through their financial handler.

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  • No
      6th of Aug, 2008 Buyer Beware - this is posted on our home page... (Best Site next time)

    if you want real information from the leaders in the Telephone Investigative Industry since 1998.

    Cell Phone Lookup - Reverse Lookup

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  • No
      6th of Aug, 2008

    Real-time Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - Reverse Lookup - Reverse Phone Numbers
    Unlisted Phone Numbers - Used by Law Enforcement and Government agencies daily.
    This site has been trusted by Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement along with National Private Investigators since 1998!

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  • Li
      12th of Aug, 2008

    Reverse phone detective is great! I recently located the real name and address of a man I met online and had a brief affair with which resulted with me becoming pregnant.This man had given me a phony name and phony address and abandoned me afeter I told him I was pregnant, but after tracing his cell phone number through reverse phone detective, the phone report contained his real name address and phone carrier. With this information I was able to subpoena him into family court for child support for my daughter who was born 4 months ago. I also discovered he was married. Phone detective is great and if it weren't for them, i never would have located this man for child support, who abandoned me and his child.Some cell phone companies do sell this information and I guess I was one of the lucky ones.

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  • Ro
      12th of Aug, 2008

    I just joined today and can't get in and they won't let Me create a password to get in by TOTAL RIPOFF !!!

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  • Al
      25th of Aug, 2008

    Reverse Phone Detective is alright. Worked for me more than once, but was easy to get a refund when it didn't. Just reply to the email you get when you join. is ridiculously overpriced and slow. The customer service is horrible.

    Watch out for scams.

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  • Ma
      23rd of Sep, 2008

    When I searched for the number it stated that a "full report" was "available" for this phone number. This "report" contained absolutly nothing worth any value at all! For all form fills the data paid for simply stated "No Records Were Found" nada nothing for anything. Complaints to customer service were replied to with a canned answer, basically sorry but we got your money. I was ripped off!!! Be very careful about this site.

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  • Re
      8th of Oct, 2008

    If you really want a cell phone lookup, you must go to the REAL reverse phone detectives website at:

    Notice the differnce in the address below

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  • An
      19th of Oct, 2008

    All the advertisements in this thread are just poorly ran scam operations. Especially the "ReversePhoneDetectives" above my post is merely an affiliate with Intelius whom gains a profit for every customer they turn over.

    If you want information on a cell phone, and you're reading this, stick with finding the Caller ID.


    1. Use a free demo of a service such as
    2. Call your own cell phone, and for the "friend", enter a phone you're near by with caller ID enabled (Such as your home phone).
    3. Place the call
    4. Watch the caller ID, and the spoofed number should show the original callers ID.
    Note: is a service with a limited caller ID database that can be used as well. I highly recommend not, however, as the most likely return result is "Unknown".

    If the caller ID shows up as "Cell Phone", "Out of Area", etc, then you can also check (Free directory of numbers, in which users submit complains on annoying calls from various numbers - rather large database).

    As a last resort, is an opt-in cell phone directory worth taking a peak into.

    That's pretty much the legal ways of finding a cell phone owner's information. Good luck.

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  • Sh
      14th of Nov, 2008 is owned by a company called People Search Media and is owned by a guy named Brian Monahan whom you can contact to get your money back at the phone numbers and addresses below. Good luck.


    Office address:
    People Search Media LLC
    101 University Ave. Suite #320
    Palo Alto, CA 94301

    Phone: 800-605-5087
    Fax: 650-853-7587

    Mailing address:
    People Search Media, LLC
    P.O. Box 301
    Palo Alto, CA 94301

    Phone: 800-609-2912

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  • Pe
      30th of Nov, 2008

    I bought reverse phone detective, I only wanted to know the address of the number owner and I got what I paid for. To me, it was well worth the money. Go here and check it out -

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  • Mi
      15th of Jan, 2009

    The folks that claim that they couldn't get their money back are flat out wrong.

    Reverse Phone Detective is sold through Clickbank and they have a 60 day no questions asked refund policy. Some folks just don't get it.

    I tested 37 reverse phone lookup services and I found the Reverse Phone Detective to be the most reliable.

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  • Ri
      30th of Jan, 2009

    I just got RIPPED OFF last night too. I wish I found this page before I threw away my $44.00!!!

    I have emailed by replying to my receipt email...he [Monahan, I suppose], wrote back and said it would be taken care of. [I demanded a refund] I am going to my credit union tomorrow to file a complaint and they will stop payment, for a fee, will be worth it though. I do not want this preppy little Palo Alto BUSH supporting ### getting my hard earned money. He [Monahan] is the one writing the comments above that reversephonedetective does work...yeah right. Mr Monahan...are you also the chick that got pregnant and got the child support through your "service??" Yeah...right! ha ha ha

    There must be other places to turn in these scam websites run by lazy prima donna's who would rather not get a real job. Someday, he will pay for cheating so many people--knowingly.

    Karma,'s called KARMA!

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  • Ma
      3rd of Feb, 2009 people are complete scam artists. After you pay for your initial enrollment, they request MORE $$$ for searches.

    I have left many email messages to these scam freaks and they have not responded to one. The customer service info provided on the site is not good either. You will not get a response.

    The phone # provided on this site has a recorded message. They tell you how to leave a message on their website. I pressed '0' <---- the #, not the letter, and got a message that said all their agents are busy. Leave your number and your call will be returned.


    This is a scam site. I will find out how to file legitimate complaints about this site and shut them down. When I find the info, I will post on this site and hopefully help others who've had their hard money stolen by these hooligan nobodies!

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  • Ma
      5th of Feb, 2009

    COMPLETE SCAM!!! So glad I paid via paypal. I expect to to get a refund. I really don't care if I get my money (14.95) back "mitchm" (see above)...this isn't about the money. It's about a ### [censored]ING company such as this and exposing them for what they TRULY ARE!!!

    I initially looked up a number and the results came back as "SUCCESSFUL!"...they have a "FULL REPORT" and "FOUND NAME AND ADDRESS INFO" for said number. Just pay $99.00 for full access for a year or $14.95 for info on only the said number. I chose to pay the $14.95 via paypal. As soon as I paid, the results came back again saying "NO INFO IS AVAILABLE" for said number???????!!!??? Ummmmmm...WHAT?! What the [censored] are you talking about "NO INFO.." Reading says, for the inconvenience, we've "given you a 30 trial to the premium membership..." (the $99 plan). Well...f-that! That's not what I paid for!!! I didn't pay $15 [censored]in bucks for a 30 day trial! TOTAL B.S. and I'm seriously thinking about talking to my attorney regarding this...I sense a class-action lawsuit for this type of sales practice...this can't be's a con to get sales...false advertising!

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  • Kh
      18th of Feb, 2009

    They have great customer service - I simply wrote in and requested a refund and received it within a couple days (didn't like the membership features, so I wanted a refund, but I got the name of the number that called me!). It's funny that people take the time to find a complaint site but don't bother requesting a refund. It's called being an intelligent consumer!

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  • Je
      31st of Mar, 2009


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