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I have been unemployed since 3/27/09 and even though my rent payment of $606.52 have gone into arrears, I still pay $150 towards my balance through unemployment benefits. On 6/17/09, I received a housing civil court petition stating my balance of $2106.52 is due. My rent manager, Leonardo Menendez, is fully aware of my employment situation & I sent him an email stating that I would send him $150 each time I received my weekly benefits & that once I am employed full time, I would pay off the remaining balance that is due. He agreed. I still have the email & now the rent management's attorneys, Cohen, Hurkin, Ehrenfeld, Pomerantz & Tenenbaum are trying to evict me. Please assist me because I do not want to lose my apartment. Thank you.


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      Jun 18, 2009

    You have a breach of contract re: your tenancy agreement. They are allowed to collect unpaid money and evict regardless of your unemployment situation. Chances are the rent manager does not have the authority to provide leniency with late payments and as such, the email will not help. I would re-read your tenancy agreement and try to find any loopholes regarding your term.

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