SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Unethically low pay—below minimum wage

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Potential workers: Be forewarned, this is a company while they pay on-time, what they pay their transcriptionists is unethically low, substantially less than even minimum wage. You will not make a decent living working here. Your pay will often amount to approximately $4 an hour or less.

Your account can be closed without warning even though your performance metrics meet or exceed what is required. If you are an hour past your project deadline, they will take the project from you and not pay you a penny for anything you have completed up to that point--even if you are almost done.

Customers and potential customers: There are many glowing reviews saying how "affordable" the price was. Of course it's affordable. They are paying the workers doing your transcripts FAR BELOW MINIMUM WAGE.

To those who complain about the quality, how hard would you work for $4 an hour when you're a native English speaker and a resident of a first-world country? Even so, most of those who work there, even though horribly underpaid, still take enough pride in their work and will still do a good job. Just consider when you get that transcript you're so thrilled with (or maybe not so thrilled with) whoever did that job was likely getting far, far below minimum wage to complete it.

If you have a conscience, do business with a company that pays its workers fairly. At this point, until they change their unethical, immoral pay practices, Rev is not one of those companies.

Mar 18, 2017

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