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REUNION.COM & possibly HIGHSCHOOLALUMNI.COM / Violation of Personal Privacy/Security & Online Records (Email Addressbook)

1 Los AngelesCA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (310) 571-3144 ext. 105

We discovered that our personal information and that of many of our friends and family has been usurped without our knowledge or permission and published on and apparently on websites. We were enraged and amazed that these sleazy dataminers would stoop to this and the other unethical practices so well documented here and elsewhere online. We spent DAYS, seeking contact information for their sleazy business, and calling them and demanding our information be removed. We got a LOT of run-arounds and misinformation, but apparently using magical words like LEGAL CONSEQUENCES and ATTORNEY, etc., will make them see the light and remove your information. Want to encourage EVERYONE who resents having their privacy violated to contact these people by phone or mail (don't bother emailing them; they'll just harvest more info on you and won't act swiftly to remove your information from their nasty database), and DEMAND that their info be removed immediately. It is, after all, OUR INFORMATION, not theirs. And is it NOT "PUBLIC INFORMATION" or "PUBLIC DOMAIN" data! Much of what they have is PRIVATE and they have basically STOLEN IT, through what they call "a private third party data broker with whom they have a nondisclosure agreement" whom, not surprisingly, they REFUSE to name.

Economic damage: An entire day's long-distance phone calls trying to resolve this matter that was dumped on us by the arrogant, invasive, disturbing business practices of

Physical/emotional damage: Lost sleep, stress, high blood pressure, and other health problems caused by the stress of having our private information divulged in a worldwide venue and by the anxiety of having our security/boundaries violated. We still do not know the full extent of damages--if the UNAUTHORIZED PLUNDERING of our private info has been exacerbated by multiple search engines and other databases exponentially disseminating our information, or whether REUNION.COM and their affiliates are in turn sharing our information with even more dataminers, both online and offline. We also do not know how long this information has been floating around out there, or who all has accessed it. claims they cannot provide that information. They deliberately stonewall the innocent victim's attempts to gather specific details about the extent of the DAMAGES their unlawful use of our information has caused us. They should be SUED.

We strongly URGE all victims of and similar dataminers to BAND TOGETHER and get CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS UNDERWAY, to put a stop to this wholesale raping of our privacy in America. Also contact your state attorney general and file a complaint against dataminers like and their ilk. is located in California; California has strong consumer protection laws and a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO PRIVACY!

Finally, a few searches on google and and other places will provide significant contact details for the CEO of, whose name is apparently Jeffrey P. Tinsley. When you gather that information, please use it appropriately.

The business phone for is [protected], extension 105 (Corporate CEO office), or Customer Service extension 186 or 146.
Thanks and good luck.


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