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Retra Vision / Dodgy and inadequate service!

1 Australia Review updated:

Case 1: I took my vacuum cleaner to my local retravision store for repairs, it was purchased there 4 or 5 years ago by my grandmother, she passed away in 2006 I received the vacuum cleaner along with some furniture as part of my inheritance, I didn't have the sales receipt but like all sales it would have been in their computer, the vacuum had a sticker on saying 5 years warranty as far as I could see it was still in warranty, the store denied selling the vacuum even though I know it was them as they are our only appliances store for kilometers, anyway I left the vacuum cleaner to take a look at I went back a week later, Bob the sales person assumed immediately that it was the motor (they replaced the motor, it works as it always has, still giving off the smell of burning rubber) also he admitted to not pulling it apart to identify the problem, as I said the problem is still there.

Case 2: I bought a iron from con carr retravision it has a steam sprayer, when I was browsing for the iron Bob told me that the particular iron for it's price value was reliable and long lasting, he said and I quote "you can drop it and it will keep working it won't break easy and it'll last you for years" I started using it but no sooner did I set the iron to steam it started leaking water all over my garments and ironing board, I work everyday and got busy so I didn't have the time to take the iron to retravision, until a button on my cd player broke (another product that retravision sold me more on that later) I took the iron to retravision I went to them the next day to see if the leak could be fixed on warranty to my dismay and disgust the back end of the iron was smashed and broken Bob accusing me of dropping it and breaking it, when it wasn't broken when I took it to them, anyways my warranty is voided on my iron and I'm stuck with it, when asked if they could fix the iron Bob said there would be no point as the repair would supposedly be more than what the iron is worth. (a week later they still haven't fixed my cd player)

Case 3: I live in a flat I rent from my boss, the fridge and washing machine are supplied with the building, 4 months ago my fridge started running noisy the technician came and had a look at it and identified the cause as the cooling fan in the freezer, he went back to the shop to order the part and saidde he'd let me know when the part came in, sometime later my washing machine started playing up and being noisey during the spin cycle, retravision have been promising for the last 2 or 3 months to come and take a look at it, they haven't kept their appointments.

When confronted about the fridge Bob low and behold didn't know what was going on and couldn't find any record about any part being ordered for my fridge saying that the technician that had looked at my fridge had quit and had left and hadn't put the order in the computer, it took them 3 months to realize that the order hadn't been put in the computer! still waiting on the part 3 weeks later! as for the washing machine nothing has been done about it, my landlord is taking the dodgy washing machine and putting in another one.

Once I get my cd player back I am never dealing with these money pinching people ever again and I would advise others to do so too!

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  • Vi
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    i bought a $550 dvdr in january, 5 months klater it stopped recording and playiing and made a loud noise, it took 7 weeks to get itback and was told nothiing was wrong with it.they wouldn't replace dvdr i walked in with $500 to buy ipod nano and docking station but they couldn't play ipod nano ( they didn't have songs / videos loaded and played radio.i said i have radio.they lost another sale.bitter and seeking revenge i spent 2 hours asking questions and testing 11 plasma and led screens buy one.they thought they had $3599 sale but then i said nothing and walked out. follow my example and next time rent so you get replacement while u get repair.
    have a nice

  • Vi
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    my lennox usb cdplayer stopped playing cds, the needle get's stuck in every vinyl and it's terrible for turning lps to mp3. they wouldn't fix it because it was 3 days after 12 months.
    this i sextreme but i and with a grinder, belt sander and migwelder made it into a 'R' symbol and dropped it on their made front page news and my petition was signed by 1200 people in a 10, 000 town, they offered me a turntable i said ok and did it again.

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