Retinolla"free trial"


I am writing to inform you of a well-organized group based in Cyprus who are engaged in a systematic activity perpetrated on Canadians in the form of internet fraud.

The company in Question is Retinolla. The link is below

Retinolla seems to be set up as a “free-trial” that someone is entitled to once they sign up for a Costco card membership. It says that for $5.95 they will send you a free sample of their Anti-Aging cream to try. This is advertised as a perk for having signed up to Costco. I sign up and it then immediately canceled any AUTO-Renewal. I received the sample in the mail had a look at it and did not pursue the matter further. I did not think anything more of it as I was under the impression that I had canceled the auto-renew program.

The key to the fraud is that the company does not recognize the canceling of the AUTO renew the program.

I then found out only later that my CC had been debited for the following amounts on the following dates

Mar 30 $179.95
April 6th 189.98
April 30th 129.87

I immediately got in touch with the company and again tried to cancel the auto renewal and I sent back by courier with a tracking number their “Free-Trial”.

The dispute process is on-going. However, in terms of Best practices, this company comes up short and is, in my opinion, a front for what is clearly and internet fraud scheme operating out of Cyprus.

One of the most serious forms of business risk is Reputational Risk. If Cyprus becomes a center for organized criminal activity it will drive out legitimate business concerns and it will become associated with organized crime. This has serious long-term implications for the economy. The company should be shut down and a cease and desist order enforced. I will be informing Canadian anti-fraud authorities as well as the better business bureau as well as my member of Parliament, RCMP fraud, and Visa International.

May 13, 2017

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