Retina Markets IncThey sent me fake check, but not money

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I do online surveys and recently I have found the company Retina Markets Inc. I was really shocked, when they offered to pay me $300 for the 10 pages long survey. I agreed and filled the survey, but these scammers sent the check for $2, 000. I returned it, ‘coz it was scam and decided to not to deal with them. Stay away from this company and remember that they are scammers and liars. Share this info.

Feb 20, 2015
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  • So
      Sep 18, 2015

    Firstly I do not know if there is a link between Retina Markets Inc. and Retina Money Inc. I have joined them on Monday with a type of Investment that says within 3 days you will get 17% profit of your investment. I deposited $50 as a trial and they confirmed receiving the amount promptly. But follow up correspondence went unanswered since Wednesday. I really suspect these companies are one and the same institution and are out to defraud people. We need to make public this information to protect unsuspecting client who might be defrauded big moneys. Luckily I put in a small portion as a trial and help other people.

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  • Da
      Nov 03, 2015

    please i will like to know more of their scam strategies to avoid falling victim to them because obviously the may be having several different strategies. hopping to get any feedback soon

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  • So
      Dec 08, 2015

    Retina Money Incorporated are likely not to be legitimate. Your money will grow for ever but I do not think you will be able to withdraw anything. You can try it if you do not believe me

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  • Is
      Dec 10, 2015

    Retina money is a real scam site, i adviced a friend of mine not to invest with them, he didn't listen and now his 2000$ is on pending for almost a month now, there's one called ECM.BIZ, they are also scam i have my pending money there for about a month now, Currently i have two best investment site,, that's one, call +[protected], or whatsapp me on +[protected] for more talks,

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  • Ge
      Feb 03, 2016

    i agree this company is a scam my friends and I joined last year 2015 but till today not even single one of us has received the money as we were making withdrawals, and the money is growing everyday...we tried to send messages to their support team but we dont receive any response from them...people please run away from Retinamoney its a scamm...

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  • Do
      Feb 27, 2016

    retina money is a HUGE SCAM, I just had a rough experience with the site, I invested 10 dollars, for a 3 day contract plan, I tried withdrawing on the 4th day, I realized the money could not be withdrawn, still pending till now, both my capital and their manipulated profit figure

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  • Do
      Feb 27, 2016

    Ardex funds is another scam hyip

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  • Ja
      Nov 16, 2016

    Are you sure Ardex is a scam? Did they not pay you?

    Still paying me...

    Why are they a scam in your opinion?


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