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Retail Salesperson Speaks / Stop the rudeness!

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I have been in (furniture) sales for over 10 years now and I feel it necessary to make note that some people are absolutely rude, selfish and malicious in their treatment of us. Could this be you too?

The point of this is to make you aware that when shopping (and signing off on sales contracts) to be aware of what your are doing and the answers you are given. The truth doesn't change at your will or insistance.

Don't play the "I wasn't told/I didn't know" card. ****Read your paperwork.

When a salesperson resists breaking the rules to appease you, don't fight us. And put yourself in that company's shoes, if said sp was working for you, you'd be happy that they were following the guidelines.

Stop with the insults, hang-ups, threats and condesending remarks. We are not your punching bags used to ease your rotten day/life/situation.

Examples---in my co. I'm happy to say, all information is truthfully spoken and backed up in writing, in simple understandable language. Yet some people call back days or weeks later demanding to do things their way without regards to the terms of sale. We are left to defend our sales/co/selves while still being professional and courteous to someone yelling and threatening us. WHY? Because person decided to ignore the terms agreed to.

For instance, with cod's, we clearly state verbally and in said writing, the delivery men will not accept cash, personal checks or credit cards. Yet we have people that will call us that day or a few hours before and demand we have them take their cash--- or take their credit cards over the phone (we cannot). When we dually explain that is not possible, they proceed to curse/yell and demand we do this for them and/or speak with upper management in order to attempt to get their way. Which legally, they are not entitled to.

Or in terms of merchandise selected; all detailed information is written on a one-page, simple receipt. Size, color, options, price, etc...yet people will call back once merch is received to say they didn't order "blue", while again, it was clearly written to and agreed once they signed this receipt. When asked as to why they wouldn't call us back questioning whats written the day they walked out of the store, the reply has actually been, "you don't expect me to read that do you?" YES WE DO and you DID when you signed off on it.

Another infuriating issue is when someone insists they saw merchandise in a particular size/color/price that we then determine never actually existed (in our store). Perhaps they saw it at another companys store? But they insist it was indeed your store, and yes they are certain, and we are simply wrong. Even though they spent 30 mins here, while we salespeople work 6 days, 50 hours a week. I wonder who could be wrong here? Who would be better positioned to know the ins and outs of the merchandise?

ENOUGH---take responsibility. READ your receipts/contract and remember the answers to your own questions. And STOP BEING RUDE --- we are your brothers, sisters, cousins, daughters... hardworking people who don't sit in an isolated office with the same 5 people all year--we work with a varied consumer. Most decent and wonderful, others not mentally stable. We have no choice of what unbalanced person comes into our store to shop with us.

To those of you who are intelligent and respectable people, I thank you, you make my career enjoyable and rewarding. I truly like helping you.

To the others----BE KIND, POLITE, ADULT and PROFESSIONAL or please, stay home and get proper help before unleashing your nonsense on us normal people forced to work with you.



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