ResZMax or Resveratrol UltraDeceptive Advertising

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I signed up for a .99 cent trial and was bill 87.00 on my ATM card fourteen days after I signed up for the product. Never was it revealed to me that I had to cancel an order or membership within 15 days as was advised of me when I called. I have a couple of numbers I have been calling [protected] and [protected] and event a nullified website When you call, the gentlemen on the other side pretend to not hear you and keep repeating their Resveratrol opening lines and state their is no connection and hang up. Twice this has happened to me. I actually got someone one time that advised me of the 15days and advised I had indeed authorized this charge. So I have one $87.00 bottle of Resveratrol Ultra that I am afraid to open.


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      Jul 11, 2009

    I agree and have had the same experience with this company. Its a scam! Once they have your credit card number they continue to bill for this product every month. I cancelled the subscription and still got billed this 87.00 charge. When calling customer service the person on the line was very rude, pertended not to understand what I was saying. is a scam!

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