ResVpureunauthorized banking charges

I fell for the trap of ordering a free sample of ResVpure. Gave my debit card number. Received the free sample and now every month this company is charging my bank account $85.00. I REFUSED THE PRODUCT, SENT IT BACK AND THEY STILL BILL MY ACCOUNT. These shysters are slick...cannot find any telephone number for them on line. If I put resvpure into google a youthresvpure telephone number comes up. When you call that number, they claim they are not the company in question...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Wilmington, DEthis is a scam people, do not purchase any samples, or the product. I tried the product it was all a lie. If anyone knows the phone number for resvpure, please supply. If you call your bank they want to charge you $50.00 to stop payment and that is only for 6 months. I was told this company will put you into collection if you do not permit the payment. Where is the FDA, where is the AG of the US, protecting citizens from these scams? any information please send to: [protected]

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