resvmax (Shipping Manager) 1-866-949-0138 / cancelled more product & charges

1 3007 Greene DT., Hollywood Florida 330201037, FL, US
Contact information:
Phone: 866-949-0138

From original visit to their website, "hoax I think" I Quote, (from printed page), "Our product will recur at a 21% (good golly how much is this stuff), of $19.95 (All it is worth), off regular price, for recurring price of $87.13 with a fresh one-month supply of Resvie shipped every 30days (oops quote ;you know) from the initial order. (This is important) There are no obligations, you can cancrel anytime vis our cuatomer support line or online ticketing system. (This is an AIRLINE?)." or end quote

obtw there is never anyone real to answer questions when I have the luxury or inquiring. I am a working man to pay for my "Resveratrol, Resvie, Resver XP, ... etc. ...


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