Resvervatrol Ultra dba Sky Cleaning aka FWN LABS(623-238-6401)Unauthorized carge to credit/debit cards

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This group of ### scammers are offering a bottle of "Resveratrol Ultra" for $.99 and then charging the method of payment $49.95 for some kind of "non-aging cream". Eventhough they contact you from the phone number [protected] (FWN LABS) they charge you $49.95 for this "cream" even though you explicitly say that you do NOT WANT the product. They ship from a facility at 3007 Green Street in Hollywood, FL 33020.
When you complain they jack you around, request to speak to a supervisor and advise the supervisor that you are recording the conversation because they are recording it and that means you are using a recording that can be ussed in a court of law to charge them with violation om many codes in the State of Florida Department of Business Regulation. Ask to speaki to a supervisor nam, ed Mr. Looyd. He is very cooperative in refunding you money because he knows that if the $49.99 un-authorized charge causes any overdraft fees (or MULTIPLE overdraft fees, those henchmen will be required by the laws of the state of Florida to refund not only the illegally charged $49.95, but also all overcharge expenses incurred.

If you order the "Resveratrol Ultra" or "anti-ageing cream", keep it! Because they sent it to you without your authorization, it is yours free of charge!!!

THEN, BE SURE T)O CALL [protected] and cancel all orders you have placed with the scammers.


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      Aug 01, 2009

    Resveratrol ULTRA DO NOT ORDER!!! I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH, DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! GET THE WORD OUT! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! I did and they are scammers! They give you all kinds of numbers to supposedly contact them but no one picks up. Here are my actual phone logs and live chat from today. I have proof I placed the online order on the 20th of July, and did not get the pills til August 1st, and when I called to cancel, I found out they had already billed me $161.75, which made my checking account bounce! They said I ordered on the 17th of July and I only had 14 day free trial (which begins from the minute you order, by the way!)
    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'John (CA-019)'
    John (CA-019): Hello, how may I assist you today?
    Teresa Riddle: I'm having problems with your 15 day free trial. I ordered the Resveratrol on July 20th, got it today. Hard to tell if it does any good in just 3 days.
    Teresa Riddle: hello?
    John (CA-019): I 'd be happy to assist you with your concern, but first please allow me to pull up your record. May I have your name and your zip code please?
    Teresa Riddle: OK, John. Teresa Riddle. 48867
    John (CA-019): Thank you for the information. Please hold while I pull up your record.
    John (CA-019): To confirm, can you give me the email address you used to sign up.
    Teresa Riddle: tessakib********
    John (CA-019): I have successfully pulled up your account for acai berry life cleanse combo package and resveratrol
    John (CA-019): And that account has been canceled.
    Teresa Riddle: I called to cancel it but I didn't know if it went through. I was worried I'd be charged and if that happens, trust me, the money is not there.
    Teresa Riddle: I won't be charged anything else, correct? Just the $.99 shipping for each box, right?
    Teresa Riddle: Are you still there?
    John (CA-019): Our records shows that you were already been charged for 87.13 and 74.62
    John (CA-019): and it was charged on the 07-31-09
    Teresa Riddle: According to the agreement, I was not to be charged until the free trial was over, and that has not happened.
    John (CA-019): It's clearly stated on our terms and conditions that if your account remains active after the 14 day free trial period starting on the date of order, you will be billed for the full amount of the product. The product is a monthly supply for as long as your account remains active. Since your account was not canceled you were billed for the month supply I can assure you that your account is canceled, since your account is now canceled you will not be billed any further.
    Teresa Riddle: I ordered it online on July 20th, confirmed it on July 21st by phone, and today is August 1st, which by anyone's calendar, is only 12 days.
    Teresa Riddle: And the terms do not say 14 day free trial, it says 15 day free trial.
    John (CA-019): please be informed that you place the order on the 17th
    Teresa Riddle: I cancelled it by calling the number in the pamphlet, which it said to call first, and that number is [protected]. It was automated and accepted it.
    Teresa Riddle: No, it was the 20th, I wrote it down. I read your terms before hand.
    Teresa Riddle: I called the number that called me back on the 21st to confirm my order.
    Teresa Riddle: Even had it been the 17th, which it was NOT, that is still 15 days, and I cancelled within the 15 day period.
    John (CA-019): I'm just only speaking to our records shows. It shows that you placed the order on the 17th day of july
    John (CA-019): Kindly please count 17th as your first day.
    John (CA-019): kindly count 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 of july.
    Teresa Riddle: NOTE: All products come with a fifteen (15) day free trial period (“Free Trial”) as described in this Agreement. If You have any questions about Our Free Trial, please contact Our Customer Service Department toll-free at [protected] . Our Customer Service Department is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No, I will not count it as my first day, I did not place it on the 17th.
    John (CA-019): How many days that we have on that dates?
    Teresa Riddle: Sir, the company called me and left a voice mail on my cell phone. I returned the call the next day. I have cell phone records.
    John (CA-019): Again you placed the order on the 17th.
    Teresa Riddle: no I did not
    John (CA-019): I apologized for that I am just only speaking our records shows
    Teresa Riddle: I am accessing my cell phone records and the web browser history.
    John (CA-019): please be informed that you placed this order in your computer not on your cellphone.
    Teresa Riddle: yes, but your company called my cell phone to confirm my order and I returned the call the next day
    John (CA-019): The order was placed on the web site on the 17th of july
    Teresa Riddle: I am also talking to my bank and having the charges reversed. Your company is a scam
    John (CA-019): If you want I can provide to you your exact time when did you placed the order
    Teresa Riddle: I'm contacting the BBB, and I have a lot of friends in the media who are going to love this
    Teresa Riddle: I can see why Barbara Walters is suing the Resveratrol companies
    John (CA-019): would there be anything else?
    Teresa Riddle: I'm going to use your company's own little terms against them. Hope you can sleep at night knowing you are ripping people out of their hard earned dollars!
    John (CA-019): We are not ripping people. we are just speaking to what our terms and conditions. We did provide that information on the website. And being a customer we should be responsible to read all that information so that we would be aware.
    Teresa Riddle: 07/21 01:48PM [protected] PHOENIX, AZ 5 This is off my cell phone log
    John (CA-019): anf 07-17-09 the day that you placed the order on web site.
    Teresa Riddle: It eve shows the two calls I made to get the product cancelled, only to get hung up on once, and left on hold indefinitely another time
    John (CA-019): 7/17/2009 9:31:59 AM you placed the order
    Teresa Riddle: for 13 minutes!
    John (CA-019): Again it was placed on the 17th
    Teresa Riddle: no it was not
    John (CA-019): I am just only speaking to what our records shows.
    Teresa Riddle: well, it's easy to go in and change the date on the computer, isn't it? That's what corrupt business people do.
    John (CA-019): 7/17/2009 9:31:59 AM that is the time and date you placed the order online.
    Teresa Riddle: I'm going to the bank monday morning.
    John (CA-019): it is up to you.
    John (CA-019): would there be anything else?
    Teresa Riddle: And then I'm contacting my brother, news producer for Channel 5. And I'm blogging about this experience too
    Teresa Riddle: no, you've done nothing to solve the situation.
    John (CA-019): would there be anything else?
    Teresa Riddle: You haven't shipped the product, therefore I am entitled to my money back anyway.
    John (CA-019): you already received the product.
    Teresa Riddle: I received the trial order of the product.
    Teresa Riddle: We'll see who wins this.
    John (CA-019): would there be anything else?
    Teresa Riddle: No.
    John (CA-019): Thank you for visiting, have a great day!
    Teresa Riddle: I will.

    My Sprint phone log with the dates and times I was trying to reach them. The bottom number is when they called me to confirm my order.

    08/01 07:48PM [protected] Toll Free Call 6
    08/01 07:39PM [protected] Toll Free Call 7
    08/01 05:14PM [protected] Toll Free Call 13
    08/01 05:04PM [protected] Toll Free Call 1
    07/21 01:48PM [protected] PHOENIX, AZ 5

    The boxes are shipped from Hollywood, FL. There is no way to email them, they won't answer the phone when you call them. I was actually surprised to get anyone on live chat! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! EAT GRAPES OR BUY WINE!!!

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      Aug 05, 2009

    Well, I tried your suggestions and now they are telling me they'll refund my money only if I return their product to them unused.

    I told them that it said in the fine print that I could keep it if I cancelled in the 15 day trial period. I told them I was not paying shipping on the product twice and she said it was the only way they would refund my money.

    I'm going to the bank and filing against them to get my money back. The sad thing is that it takes 10 days. I am so flipping mad that I can't see straight. It's not bad enough that they have a bunch of foreigners answering the phone and their accents are so thick you can't understand a dang thing they say.

    I am just fuming! I'm contacting the chamber of commerces for Phoenix, Arizona and Hollywood, Florida, as well as the Better Business Bureaus-online and offline offices. I intend to spread the word about these people.

    I wish I knew someone who could hack code and could cause a pop up to occur everytime someone visited their websites to warn them about this crroked company!

    They charged me the following charges on an account with $21 in it! Note that I am now in the hole $145.01 before they even add an overdraft fee!

    08/04/2009 DBT Purchase LIFEBERRY [protected] $74.62 ($145.01)
    08/04/2009 DBT Purchase HEALTHYRES [protected] $87.13 ($70.39)
    08/04/2009 Foreign ATM or POS Fee EXCHANGE FEE $2.09 $16.74
    08/04/2009 Foreign ATM or POS Fee EXCHANGE FEE $2.44 $18.83

    You know, I don't swear, but I'm so close to letting off a blue streak right now that it isn't even funny! I even called these numbers! Again, foreign customer service that you can't understand and don't help you one bit. I want a class action lawsuit on these people and I want to see them shut down before anyone else gets scammed out of their hard earned money! GGRRRRRRRRR!!!

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      Aug 12, 2009

    I totally agree with you.

    I ordered the "trial" Resveratrol for $.99. Then I received an email that my "order" would arrive 7/29 and a charge of $87.13. I called the number - 1.866.931.6793 - and finally spoke with a person. I told him I did not want any more product & to cancel my order. He hung up on me!!!

    Recently, I received my bank statement & it shows charges for 2 shipments - the "trial" bottle & the next auto ship one. They hit my account 7/10 & 7/26 (respectively). Each one is over $85, plus a charge for "International Transfer Fee"! I didn't know about that either.

    I have called several times since then & never gotten through. Also, been busy looking for another job after layoff 7/2, so no time to call them every day.

    Again, called 1.866.931.6793. Finally talked with "Deanna" A-234, and after explaining my problem, she would only credit my account for the 2nd shipment after I return it. She cancelled my "membership". She said they cannot credit for the trial bottle since it was past the 30 days trial period.

    I explained again that I had asked for the cancellation 6/27 & the man hung up on me when I said I did not want to receive any more product.

    She said she is just following procedure.

    I am going to my bank to protest this. So sorry I didn't know about these comments before I placed the order.


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