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Resveratrol XR / Charged for product after cancelling

1 Longwood, FL, United States Review updated:

I tried calling Supreme Brands LLC within my 15 day trial period to cancel my order. I called the phone number at [protected] which is supposed to be open 9:00 - 9:00 est however when I called at 7:26 pm est the answering service said the customer service line was closed. I called the verification number trying to get ahold of somebody but only got a message so I left a message stating to cancel my order. I called this morning to cancel and was advised I was charged for the product. I explained to the lady that I had tried to cancel but could not get through.

Vanessa at customer service gave me an email for Devin in corporate. I sent and email explaining how I couldn't get through within the time frame and was basically told "oh well" I am going to be charged for this product.

Technically it is not a 15 day trial when you don't get the product until 3-4 days after you order it. How are you supposed to see if it works for you if don't get it in your system for long enough. I do believe this company is a scam because I believe they lure people in with this trial offer so that people will not be able to get back in contact within the "15" days and therefore get charged.

This product gave me horrible headaches and I could not take the product anymore. BEWARE of ordering this free trial because you will end up paying $78.00 even if it doesn't work for you.

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      10th of Sep, 2009
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    Dear April,

    It is a vast understatement to say that the email you sent in was basically responded to with an "oh well" - I'm going to post a copy of the email you were sent as proof that your situation was thoroughly reviwed and addressed wtih much more than an "oh well":

    Dear April,

    I’m very sorry to hear about poor experience with the product – ResveratrolXR is a nutraceutical product, meaning it is comprised of all-natural herbal extracts. Because of this, different people get different effects from the product – this is why we offer the trial, so people will have an oppurtunity to try the product and see if it is right for them before they are billed.

    I’m not sure why you decided to contact the confirmation hot-line at 623-239-4511 to cancel your order – this line is set-up to contact customers after their order is placed to verify it’s validity. Calling this number will not get your acocunt canceled because the only way to do that is to contact our customer service department.

    In the terms and conditions of the trial (which you agreed to when you signed up) it explicitly states that to close your account you will need to call us at 866-221-8822 or 866-899-9006 to close your account. These numbers are repeatedly listed on all of our sites, are sent to you in a confirmation email once your order is placed, and are even listed on the bottles of product you were sent. So you were contacting the incorrect number to have your account closed; if you needed to find out this information you only needed to go to our website, check your emai, or look over the bottle.

    I’m not sure why you were having difficutly contacting the correct number (866-221-8822) on Wednesday; we have heard no other complaints from other customers regarding difficulty contacting us at this number.

    The issue ultimately comes down to abiding by the terms and conditions of the program which you agreed to – your trial ended on 09-01-2009, so you needed to contact us before the end of that day (Tuesday) if you did not wish to be billed for the trial. You did not attempt to contact our customer service department until Wednesday, which was 09-02-09, at which point you had exceeded the trial period and been billed for the shipment. Because of this, you are not due a refund as you did not attempt to contact our customer service department until after you had been billed.

    This is not a scam and we do take all complaints seriously, which is why we thoroughly reviewed an account before coming to a decision. It is your right as a consumer to dispute the charge with your bank if you wish to, but just beause you dispute a charge it does not necessarily mean you will win the dispute. Your bank will contact us and request customer service records which we will provide to them and they will spend a few weeks reviewing everything before reaching a decision. As we do keep detailed notes and you did not contact us before the trial ended, we are confident that we will win the dispute.



    -Customer Service Supervisor-

    In the end you did not attempt to contact us until a full day after you were charged - I'm sorry that no one was available when you called in late on Tuesday night, but you were already past the trial as you had been billed on Monday morning.

    Our terms and conditions do explain that you will have 15-days from THE DATE YOUR PRODUCT SHIPS - this is because we have absolutely no way of knowing when a customer actually receives and opens their product. Many people have shipments sent to PO Boxes, Businesses, or Relative's houses; additionally, many people get the shipment and do not open it immediately. We have no way of knowing this, so we have to go off of when the item has been shipped as this is the only verifiable piece of information we have to base the trial off of. Most customers get the shipment within 2-3 days, which means they get a full 12-13 days to try the product.

    If a customer needs more time to try the product, they only need to call in and request a trial extension and we will gladly give them an additional week to test the product.

    There is nothing to be concerned with ordering our free trial as long as you have read the terms and conditions - they are lisetd on every single page of our website, they are listed right next to the 'Submit' button where you finalize your order, and they are sent to you immediately after ordering in a confirmation email (as a courtesy).

    If you voluntarily sign-up for programs without reading critical information that is repeatedly presented to you, then there is something to be concerned about.


    Customer Service Manager

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      5th of Oct, 2009
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    I ordered slimming pills that did not work, cancelled them and now we are being charged for things we have not received, the transactions are from companys we have not heard from elitepack and ezykit.

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      5th of Oct, 2009
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    I am sad that we are been ripped off and cannot do a thing about it as it was supposed to be safe on the internet and advertised as a good company

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