resV pureCredit Card Charges


On May 17 2009 ordered sample bottle of resV Pure, for which I
authorized a charge of $3.58 for shipping & handling. Several days
later I recieved the bottle. On May 17 2009 my credit card account
was charged $85.26 for product I did not recieve, and did not authorize
the charge. The phone no. listed on the credit card statement was not
correct, the help name listed on the bottle is not on the net. I got a correct no. from Bank of America. I contacted the company and
cancelled but they refused to credit my credit card account, saying I
did not cancel within 10 days. Was not aware of any 10 day time
span nor was I given any. Sounds like a scam to me. May have to turn
this over to the Mo. Att. Gen. office. Thanx, Ken

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