Resurgent Capital/LVNV Funding/Associated Recovery SystemsDebt collection practices--violating cease communications order

I had a debt originated back in 9/2003 with Citibank/Sears. I made 1/2 of the payments to the initial debtor, then in 2007 it was purchased by this trio. Since the original debt has ballooned (and nobody has taken off the $3, 000 in payments I made), I requested full disclosure and verification of the debt as well as all communications must be made in writing. Three notices have been sent by certified mail--I sent one to LVNV Funding--they suddenly sold it to Associated Recovery Systems--I sent a certified letter to them--now they've bounced it to Resurgent Capital. The calls continue--I am keeping a log of time, date, etc of the call. Have only received one statement from Resurgent Capital, but no indication of previous payments, minus all the hidden interest charges. How many certified letters do I need to send before I should contact the Wisconsin Attorney General? Should I record the calls in addition to keeping a written record of their calls?

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