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Resurgent Capital Circuses / Requesting your donations

1 Greenville, SC, United States Review updated:

LVNV funding - ever read or hear that intriguing name before?? That is a shoebox name for Resurgent Capital Services of South Carolina. LVNV funding ... who are they really trying to "fund"? On paper, LVNV funding is an outfit that buys old charge-off accounts for about 2 to 4 cents on the dollar - actually next to nothing. Then, the same hand of greed gives Resurgent Capital, long lists of multiple charge-offs, at which the behind the scenes resurgent folks begin to salivate. They may call, if they have current phone #s, and attempt to make you feel uncomfortable.

Always, dispute the alleged or claimed debt in writing. Send them a brief written request for debt validation right away and ALWAYS send it by certified mail with return receipt requested. Please save at least copies of all your written correspondence with them . It may be best to not send them any good faith payment of even $25. This would allow the Resurgent outfit to attempt to collect on the claimed debt for a much longer period of time, perhaps even years. Are they really worthy of your money? The Resurgent folks are not there to "help" you, but rather to try and get you to send them $$ as quickly as possible. They see live people that answer their auto-dialing lists as easy money. Get them to committ to send money today. This may not be in your best interest. Don't let them ruffle your feathers, that's a part of their game. Be very cautious about giving these folks any personal information about yourself. They Do Not need to know where you work, what other phone #s you could be reached at, etc.

Never give them your bank or checking account information. You can guess why. Make things in a nice way, difficult for them. Why? They dubiously think they are entitled to and are attempting to get people to give them outrageous sums of money for often times old charge-offs that may well have been the result of someone's misfortune or hardship. Do you want to donate to their personal BMW quarterly bonus? You and your family are much more important.

Give to your local girl scout cookie drive a thousand times before ever considering sending a buffalo nickle to the resurgent capital services donation drive.

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  • Hi
      20th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is Resurgent Capital Services - lvnv funding - the junk debt divas.

  • La
      25th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Actually it is one of many collection agencies under an umbrella company called Sherman Finance.
    RPM Receivables Performance Management is another one under that umbrella

    They buy old out of date and fraudulent debt from other companies for pennies on the dollar and then try to collect on them. ADDING HUGE FEES ON TOP OF IT

    Most of the debt they buy cannot be collected at all, as they are either past statute of limitations (meaning they cannot sue you) or they are fraudulent charges that the original creditor refused to remove from the account.

    I am currently dealing with fraudulent debt with RPM thanks to JC Penneys and I fully expect to hear that they cannot validate the debt. (prove that I authorized the charges).

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