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Restraurant / hairs in the food

1 3043 Woodbine DriveNorth Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 604-985-8115 & 604-985-781

I was sitting there eating my meal when i came across a black hair, now i no its not that uncommon to find a hair in you food. I looked closely and i found 2 hairs close together (1 small black one and 1 white curly one). I asked the waitress to bring me the manager and she did as i expected. I proceded and told her there was a hair, she looked closely telling me there was no hair so i pointed it out and with a fork she picked it out and it dropped on the ground then she said she didnt see a hair and that i was lying, little did she no there was another hair which was white and curly i pulled it out and showed it to her, she told me no one there had light hair, they all had dark hair, so i said to her "if thats the case where did this hair come from because i dont have white hair let along curly, then she freaked out and started yelling and told me to never come back. Which was okay considering i was disgusted as to what i saw and by how i was treated. what still puzzles me is where did a white curly hair come from if none of them have white hair, i would like them to be investigated by the food inspection people but i dont no how to contact them!!

If anyone see's this restaurant DO NOT GO TO IT!!!
let alone the food isnt that good but by the way i got treated was horrible, THEY DO NOT NO HOW TO RUN A RESTAURANTE.


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